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your demonology article

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hello there kevin!

i've just read your article on demonology at pr, and i've found it fascinating smiley - ok. i've nothing to offer by way of comments regarding the content because frankly speaking, demonology isn't my specialty. however, it *is* an article worthy of edited guide status, and so i'd like to offer a few technical suggestions on how to improve the layout and (hopefully!) get it picked faster.

do you know anything about guideml (i assume you haven't, judging by your articles, but i thought i'd ask anyway)? it's a type of coding similar to html which enables you to format your text so that it looks more interesting and more organised. (let's face it - 2,000 of plain black text looks bad) guideml consists of tags that tell your text how to behave - such as paragraphs, headers, boxes and links. it consists of an opening tag <> and a closing one which has a slash </>

to use guideml, you have to go to edit mode and change the layout to 'guideml'.

if you've checked out other edited articles at hootoo, you'd have noticed that many of them have headers and subheaders in bold red text. you can create headers with these tags:

type your header text here or...
type your subheader text here

paragraphs are easy if you're using plain text - you just hit the ENTER button. however, they don't allow stuff like headers and boxes and other cool stuff. to make paragraphs in guideml, you start with a tag, followed by your paragraph contents. at the end of the paragraph, you close it with

if you want to italicise or set your text in bold you use the for italics and tags for bold.

if you want to draw a line separating two sections, you simply use the tag. note that there is only one tag instead of the normal two. similarly, if you want to force a break between lines of text, you use the tag.

instead of putting urls at the end of your article, you can link to other articles or pages from words in your article itself. there are two kinds of links: those that link to other h2g2 articles, and those that link to articles outside h2g2.

to link to other h2g2 articles, you use the tag. for example:
Witchcraft will link to your article on witchcraft from the word 'witchcraft' itself.

to link to external sites, you use . eg:
Google will give you a link to google.

for more information on guideml, go to <./>GuideML-Clinic</.>.

oh, and one other thing. i believe that when one lists books for reference, one normally includes the year of publication and the publisher(s).

so good luck, have fun, and give me a holler if you get stuck.

smiley - cheers

your demonology article

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Regarding the guidem I haven't used it from a lack of desire. The problem instead is a general ineptitude regarding any thing like programming including html. As to the publication dates I think your right although its easier said then done. I own most of the books scattered through a dozen boxes(in the extended process of moving) but not all of them(several are out of print and relatively rare).

your demonology article

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

"type your subheader text here"

That should actually be type your subheader text here

your demonology article

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aiee yeah, i forgot the 'sub'. thanks, hussassan.

kevin - you're going to have to get it in your head that guideml is actually very easy. once you get over that mental barrier, you'll actually have fun with it - as did a certain new researcher by the name of seadiver. at any rate, you can't run away from it for long...

smiley - cheers

your demonology article

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Well I edited it as per suggestion putting in headers and such. It struck me as more tedius then fun(not a big fan of programming) but I do see the value.

your demonology article

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it looks much better now ! smiley - cheers

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your demonology article

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