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Ghostbusters meets X-Files, and produce horrific mutant offspring. Attempts to clone Bill Murray using Duchovny DNA prove equally catastrophic.

Fortunately this branch of the evolutionary tree should wither faster than most.

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What can one say? This is brilliant stuff!

Like Antz, and both Toy Stories, Shrek manages to keep both kids and adults entertained for the full length. Dreamworks keeps things juvenile enough to keep the kids, while cunningly weaving in some more mature themes and threads to pique an adult's interest.

The depth and rapier-like subtlety of the Disney in-jokes is astounding! I can't believe Disney execs signed off on half this stuff - or ever will again considering the critical success of this movie.

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John Travolta mixes and matches characters from Face/Off and Broken Arrow, and everyone spouts a load of techno-bo****cks.

Only redeeming feature: TVR Tuscan as the featured high performance sports car; such it's not in a Bond film where it belongs.

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The Mummy Returns

Strong sense of deja vu and little else...

...completely forgotten about following Weisz and Velasquez's fight scenes - a thing of savage grace and beauty to behold, to be sure. But not enough to make the movie any good.

Will the Rock's spinoff movie The Scorpion King have anything to match it?

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Sexy Beast

Surprise, surprise - another Brit gangster movie, but what's no surprise is that like many others before it, it's bloody good.

This should go down very well in the States with its current love affair with the Sopranos - Ray Winstone pulls off a brilliant Brit-icised version of James Gandolfini, and Ben Kingsley decides to out-de-Niro de Niro.

Around two hours long, it doesn't feel like a long story. The character numbers are low, and the story is very tightly packed around the central theme of Ray coming out of retirement to do one last job. The bizarre dream sequences also hammer home that Sopranos feel.

Does anyone else remember Ray Winstone when he played Will Scarlett in 'Robin of Sherwood'?

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