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still alive

I guess I should be outside lighting firecrackers. Just in case the current administration is checking to see who lights them and who doesn't.

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I'm alive

just in case anyone was wondering....just don't get here very often.

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Jan 5, 2002

It's been awhile since I've been distracted by the events (local, national, world, personal) around me. I hope to return here enough this year to finish a few guide entries I've started, and a few more I have in mind.

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I just realized I am quickly approaching my one-year anniversary. I may have to write something to memorialize it.

No, this entry will not suffice.

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July 4, 2000

224 Years ago today, we (America) thumbed our collective noses at the Brits and said "To heck with ya!" Or something like that. At least, so I have been told...I wasn't there.

At least it's a good enough excuse to light bottle rockets and barbecue.

Some of my ancestors were loyalists. Which means while they lived in America...they thought all the problems their neighbors wanted to go to war over, could be solved by working within the British system. Kind of like teachers today tell students that any problem we might see with the American System can be changed from within the system. At times I think, if my ancestors were wrong, then we need to revolt today. If my ancestors were right...

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