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Netherlands Project

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Engels42 (Thingite Minister of Leaky Ethics and Spiffyness)

Hey Tdbiii, I was wondering what the the date is of facts and figures for the project, mostly because it's dated information that needs a designation for people when they read it.

Thanks smiley - winkeye

Netherlands Project

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Engels42 (Thingite Minister of Leaky Ethics and Spiffyness)

Never mind that last post, I found the year that the figures were from in a different entry. smiley - smiley

The entire project is finished if you wanna take a look. Only took me a couple hours, not too many errors in spelling and what not, mostly internal links and such. I'm also notifying Chris as well, so it should be up on the front page pretty soon I'd assume smiley - winkeye

Netherlands Project

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thanks!!! smiley - winkeye

I reread the entries, and saw some mistakes...
I wrote a conversation at the bottom of the ones that had mistakes, could you please change them.

as far as i remember there were five entries with mistakes.

Netherlands Project

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Engels42 (Thingite Minister of Leaky Ethics and Spiffyness)

That's quite alright, it is my job after all smiley - winkeye

I kinda figured there'd be some mistakes spread out after I sat down and worked on them for a few hours anways. It's all set now, just let me know if you see anything else, I proofread them again, so there should be, but hey, who knows smiley - winkeyesmiley - cheers

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