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Trin Tragula

Hello smiley - smiley

I've just got back after a while away from Hootoo, so I thought I'd pop round and say hi.

Hi! smiley - biggrin

See you're having a wee bit of a break yourself - hope that's what it is anyway. See, I feel 'hi'-thwarted now, so I'm just going to sit down here and wait till you get back. smiley - zen

*Time ticks by. Gets out some sandwiches*


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Researcher 556780


smiley - biggrin

I've been working some nightshifts and also been a bit tired n' run down sickly like - so haven't been around on here..

Nice to see you smiley - bigeyes


Are those sandwiches still alwrite? Or are they gone a bit quaver crisp like?


Post 3

Trin Tragula

Heyyyyyy!!! smiley - hugsmiley - kisssmiley - smiley

Sorry to hear you've not being feeling too brill. Hope you're getting back to a peak of some sort smiley - biggrin

Hmmm. They are looking a bit wrinkly. I'll go and make some fresh ones smiley - run


Post 4

Researcher 556780

heeee! smiley - kiss

More butties, yum...! Make mine a ham, lettuce, cheese n' onion pluh-ese..smiley - drool with a lorra salad cream...mmm

So how are you? 'ows life across the pond?

Bit nippy here... -17c and that's not including the wind chill.. smiley - brr AND it's not as cold as last year yet smiley - yikes

smiley - snowball

I have to run and throw G-force at the bus in a mo without catching frostbite...*chuckles*

smiley - runsmiley - ski


Post 5

Trin Tragula

*Returns with a ham, cheese, lettuce, onion and lashings of salad cream sandwich*

Life is busy smiley - puff Having returned to Hootoo with a bit of a flourish, I'm already wondering how long it's going to be before I lapse again (No! We cannot have this! The world of work must not be allowed to interfere with Hootoo! smiley - laugh)

All my family is on your side of the pond at the moment, which means I am getting regular weather reports. Everey time I speak to my Dad, he begins with 'Guess how cold it was in Crumbly Winklepicker, North Dakota last night?' And I sigh and say, 'Oh, I don't know.' And he says, 'Go on, guess.' And I say, 'All right, then, minus a hundred.' And he says, 'You're being silly now.' And I say, 'Sorry Dad, all right then, minus twenty.' And he grins (you know how you can hear someone grinning over the phone?) and gives me the correct and usually bonkers figure and we agree it's not fit out for man nor beast. The Weather Channel has a Number One Fan and it's my father.

So ... plenty of socks and woollies at you and G-force both (those smilies made me chuckle!)

I've got the heating on here too, mind smiley - winkeye


Post 6

Researcher 556780


Was that plain or self raising or just bisquick...?

Ta fer t'sarnie

OK, so no weather talk then...but it is definately brass monkey weather...and I have to trapse up Cardiac hill to work today n' all...

I think I may be lapsin on 'ere again this next fortnight, some overtime going and as always there are moths eating their way outa my purse so I'm in there smiley - winkeye

So catch ya when I can! smiley - magic


Post 7

Trin Tragula

Ditto! (Actually, I think I may have to get out of here riiiight now smiley - run)

Good luck getting up Cardiac Hill *Mentally projects a sled and a team of huskies in woolly jumpers*


Post 8

Researcher 556780

smiley - laugh

Well not much time to stop really except to yell...

HELLO.......!!!!! smiley - biggrin

smiley - run



Post 9

Trin Tragula

smiley - bigeyes Just clicked the 'Who's Online' and thought 'Oo - a Vix sighting!' smiley - winkeye

Hope life is treating you well smiley - smiley


Post 10

Researcher 556780

uh huh smiley - bigeyes

The pool is nice, no fleas as yet since the last sighting...and the sandwiches and tea are not bad around here.

How are you and the badgets...?

smiley - cheesecake


Post 11

Trin Tragula

Cor, there I go, make a posting then bugger off for an hour smiley - doh

Pool? smiley - bigeyes Glad to hear the f***s haven't put in a reappearance (I hated mine with a real passion smiley - cross). I'm sure if they were still there you'd know about it

No badgers! smiley - wah I was told they tend to roam around, never coming back to the same place, but I was hoping ...

smiley - cheesecakesmiley - droolsmiley - ta


Post 12

Researcher 556780

eh that's alright, I wasn't put out...just on hold - for an hour..


gawd damn it..

60 a LONG yourself....smiley - sadface

*tut tut*

*hehehehee*...smiley - devil pack yer bags, your going on a guilt trip..

I have to go now anyway....sorry to hear about the badgets..I've been told we have possums, haven't seen em yet tho, altho I have seen a raccoon wink at me and vanish down a storm drain - they flatten themselves down like cats, it's amazing smiley - bigeyes

Toodle oo, me and the malibu have an appointment with the Simpsons on TV smiley - cheers


Post 13

Trin Tragula

Right, I'm putting myself in a guilt trip sin bin immediately ...

Raccoons! Have they been at your rubbish yet? When I was in South Carolina, we used to sit out at night and watch them raid the rubbish - they were just the cheekiest things ever smiley - biggrin

Enjoy the malibu! smiley - ok


Post 14

Researcher 556780

I haven't seen them at the bins here, we have those huge ones, with a lid on top. Big enuff to roll a body up in a carpet and throw it in, several actually....if you do that sorta thing as a second job smiley - ok

Raccoons are quite handy lil things, speshally those deft hand like paws.
smiley - cool

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