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Ugh. Wrecked car. Lost job. Got job working in hell-like retail environment. But, I BOUGHT A GIGANTIC VAN!! Now I'm ready for some SERIOUS research trips! Heh-heh! Got my second guide entry approved. I guess I'm getting good at this. I've only writen two and both ar up there. I better shut up before it seems like I've got an ego.

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Let's see. Lost job. Wrecked car. Mom's okay. Didn't get to go to Biloxi. Things get much better I'm gonna off myself.

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Out for some time now. Mom's in hospital for failing health, and now I'm loosing my job in just a couple of months. This sucks. Hopefully I'll have enough info soon for an entry on Biloxi, MS. I need one more trip for a good one. Next after that, Vicksburg.
Later. . .

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Ah, Christmas time. Today I got an early present. I finally got an entry approved! I am accomplished! Yes!

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 Life being how it is, you have to wonder why things happen. I'm begining to go through a reevaluation of sorts and having one of those "self" moments Douglas mentioned in "Life,. . .". Who am I? Am I doing well? That's the problem. I don't know. Only time will tell. On the plus side, my car is in perfect working order. I expect to hear it explode in the drive way any minute now.
One question:
Who am I talking to?. . .

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