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Argh! Not again!

My 21 year old autistic son, Chris developed DVT in his right leg (a giant blood clot running the length of his leg) last March and four weeks ago the hospital told him to stop taking his prescription of Warfarin without so much as a check-up appointment despite his leg remaining noticeably swollen. Unhappy at this, I requested a scan for Chris and this was refused on the grounds that his clot will have dispersed after six months of taking Warfarin and I was advised to ‘wait and see’.

Last Friday morning, Chris complained of pain in his right knee and a painful tightness in his right calf muscle during our walk down to town for his hairdressing appointment. As this was the leg affected by DVT last March, I took him for an emergency GP appointment and after a brief examination; the GP placed Chris on a ‘DVT pathway’ to enable blood tests, injections in his stomach and an ultrasound scan. Consequently, Chris had his first lot of blood tests and injection at the surgery yesterday and this morning, I took him for an ultrasound scan in hospital, which confirmed the presence of blood clots in his right femoral artery, although it is unknown whether these are remnants from last March’s clot or new ones.

The District Nurse visited Chris at home this afternoon to inject him in his stomach and is due to call again tomorrow afternoon. I have to take Chris and the results of his scan to the GP on Monday 24 October and he also has to have injections in his stomach every afternoon for at least the next five days, although these can thankfully take place at the GP surgery in Crook.

It is likely that Chris will resume taking Warfarin to thin his blood and he will therefore require regular blood tests, which might entail his being late into college. Hopefully, he won’t miss any other time from his course and I am grateful that at least it is half term this week although Chris’ opinion of the timing may differ! In the meantime, I might have to request an extension on my first assignment of my new DD203 OU course (how not to impress a new tutor)! smiley - erm

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Cats and Dogs

It is the 1st anniversary of the death of my smiley - dog, soul mate and familiar, Jess and yesterday I had to have one my smiley - cat, Monty put to sleep. smiley - erm I have mixed emotions at the moment. Relief that Monty is no longer fading away and suffering in front of my eyes, but sadness because he was such a lovely cat and I will him terribly. smiley - cry

I have buried Monty under the Elder by our garden gate, which was one of his favourite shady spots during the summer months. smiley - bluebutterflysmiley - rose

Our garden is turning into a pet cemetery, but being as how it backs on to an old, beautiful and disused graveyard, it is hardly inappropriate. smiley - ghost

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I have dusted and removed the cobwebs. smiley - spider

Hopefully I am back on a more permanent basis now that I have finished my college course and had my brain cell surgically removed. smiley - cdouble (I had a hysterectomy and other 'stuff' fixed at the end of the summer, so now all I have to cope with is being chucked into the smiley - zoommenopausesmiley - bat at the deep end). smiley - angel

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Last week I started a part-time business administration and bookkeeping college course in a nearby town and will be there two days per week. I hope to be allocated an unpaid work placement in a few weeks time which will then be an additional day per week 'spoken' for. smiley - cool

The college has threatened me with lots of course work, which might mean that I may not find time to play on hootoo as often as I would like but where there's a will there's a way an' all that sort of rot. smiley - ok

What worries me more is that I won't be able to stay awake in college and their refectory's smiley - coffee is awful! smiley - erm I feel the need for a thermos flask might be in the offing... smiley - winkeye

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This time...

Right then! smiley - smiley This time I really do intend to visit hootoo more frequently. smiley - blush

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