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Still here - just about...

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I'm still here though for how much longer I don't know... F14180?thread=1385158. It takes a lot for me to bare my soul like that. smiley - sadface

You'll have to contact me, gwennie, as I've lost all my email addresses. The 'friends' group is still up and runnng btw. smiley - brave

Still here - just about...

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Thanks for dropping by Shazz. smiley - hug I sent you an email a couple of days ago, which hasn't been 'bounced' back so I assume that I used your current address. smiley - ok

I've visited and read the link you left and I am so pleased to learn that things are resolved and that you aren't ill. smiley - hug Mind you, the menopause and all hormonally-induced nasties it brings with it are just like being ill, aren't they? smiley - cdoublesmiley - crosssmiley - flusteredsmiley - steamsmiley - blushsmiley - silly

At age 48, I'm hitting ye menopause like a very nasty car crash and am staring a hystericalectomy in the face. smiley - yikes I wish they could replace my uterus with some enthusiasm and an anti-grumpy gland whilst they've got me under the knife! smiley - rofl

Still here - just about...

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I took my history test about 10 years ago and thought it wonderful - once the initial soreness wore off of course. Just think - no more monthly curse. smiley - winkeye

The hot flushes are the worst thing ever, though. smiley - steam

The docs here don't seem keen on HRT but I'm going to see if I can persuade them anyway. I took it for a while in the UK and found it brilliant - no wonder TM didn't stand a chance! smiley - devil

Yep - got your email and will reply soon. We want you back over at the egroup! There's a few of us there now - Wowbagger, Monsy, Marv and Pierce - That sly old 'bagger has gone and reproduced again smiley - winkeye

Still here - just about...

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Another baby baglett! smiley - wowsmiley - ok Mrs Bagger will be attacking him with a pair of bricks in his sleep if Wowbagger's not careful! smiley - rofl

I'm wanted at egroup? smiley - yikes With all my grumpiness? smiley - tongueout When you email me, could you send the link to egroups please Shazz? The link that I have no longer works.

I'm not sure about HRT as I have smiley - titsmiley - tit problems too but I won't discuss that here. smiley - erm The smiley - doctor says I shouldn't need HRT as he's going to leave my ovaries in.

My daughter and I usually clash with our PMS smiley - crosssmiley - batsmiley - steam and my hubby says there's far too much oestrogen in the house! smiley - blush

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Still here - just about...

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