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Boy, it's been a while

My computer went all wonky just before christmas - refusing point blank to accept it knew what the internet was, then denying I had a modem. It has tragically taken me this long to get round to fixing it!

But hopefully all is now well and I am back on h2g2, so something must be going right.


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Latest reply: Apr 28, 2002

Not so fat penguin

Have managed to shift some of my excess blubber - just in time for winter! How do thin people stay warm?

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Been away from here for a while - getting on with real life, I guess. Totally skint as well so economising on internet calls.

How is everyone?

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Oops, bit drunk

Which for a Tuesday is not too good.

Went to the gym after work, then so pleased that I had lost some weight, went to the pub and drank my body weight in lager.... oops.

Feel a bit rough now, so hate to think how I'll feel in the a.m.

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Latest reply: Apr 24, 2001

Saturday again

Blimey has it been a whole week.

Enjoyed the long Easter weekend, but had a tiring week at work, so haven't been round here for a few days.

Feeling pretty good today. Had a long lie in, then did a bit of pseudo-yoga.
Remarkably, still doing a fair bit of exercise, so feeling energised most of the time (apart from the excessive sleeping periods). Went out last Saturday and got really quite very drunk - not young enough to b ounce back from the killer hangovers anymore... scary. Oh well, I can still pretend I'm young enough (whilst out the night before).

My brother is running the marathon tomorrow so shall be in London cheering him along/drinking like a fish. Mad bloke

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Latest reply: Apr 21, 2001

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