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5-gallon bucket

Hey everyone, Grabbed a few quick minutes online to say that with the approval of my second article, I'm moving in a third. Anthropomorphism has been abandoned (but not forgotten) to make room for *THE 5-GALLON BUCKET!* (the peasants go: yay.) I'll be pushing it as the third most useful thing in the universe, after the towel and the stick. We'll see...

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Latest reply: Jun 14, 2000

Taking a break

Just a quick notification, I won't be online for the next month, possibly more, so if you try to contact me in that time you won't get any reply.

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Latest reply: May 20, 2000

Skipping about

I was desperate for a subject for a new article, so i wrote one on the city I live in. Figured it would be quick and easy and give the illusion I was pulling my weight. At any rate, school is eating up my time and the anthro article may not be finised for a while.

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Latest reply: Feb 12, 2000

Anthropomorphism (?)

Nothing much happening... Tinkering with the idea of an article on anthropomorphism (good large word, makes me look smart don't it?) At any rate, I better look up some more info from what I already know. You'll see the results in 2053 if I stay on my current schedule.

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Latest reply: Jan 24, 2000

I'm back, but other than that...

... not much has changed. The online life still good, still working, school is being the usual drag. Except I got my article on lunch approved, probably through some sort of technical error. I honestly didn't think it was that original. I mean, this IS a Douglas Adams originated site, we've all read the books... But I'm not one to complain. I'm one for one so far, by some miracle. See you all later, or sooner, or never, whatever.

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Latest reply: Dec 14, 1999

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