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cafram - in the states.

You're a bloody genius mate - tht's the reason! There is no other entry on 'Lunch', because it's too subtle a topic for the yobbos of this fine establishment to comprehend!!

I have returned...

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And thanks for the compliment. You may or may not have noticed I haven't done a single thing in 14 weeks... I had to reformat my hard drive, lost my cookies, and then completely forgot about the guide. If my aticle hadn't been approved, I'd have probably disappeared off the face of the net, at least as far as this site is concerned. But honestly, it wasn't very original at all... Haven't we all read the books?

I have returned...

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cafram - in the states.

Have we read the books?! Of course we have, but strangely enough they're not widely discussed here - I s'pose there's enough other stuff going on that we don't need to 'dwell' on the literary masterpieces of the century (and no, I don't usually talk like this - just when I'm in the moodsmiley - winkeye)

This is the BEST place on the whole net - you can't just walk away from it...especially not when you're involved in stuff! So pull up a chair, put your feet on the table (or on the rubbish bin as I do) and get yourself integrated in our wonderful society! smiley - smiley

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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