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Insidious adj.

Working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner: (insidious rumors; an insidious disease.)
Intended to entrap; treacherous: (insidious misinformation.)
Beguiling but harmful; alluring: (insidious pleasures.)

I think if I were to be an evil Victorian genius I should like to be the Insidious Dr. M. I could hang out in well appointed, heavil furnished rooms with Fu Manchu, Dr. Nikola and Dr. Caligari and we could swap evil plans and take part in a henchman exchange program.
I would drink a large amount of port.

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Latest reply: Nov 18, 2002

Blimmin' Car!

So, myself and Toc fancied buying a car. And none of your Euro boxes neither. I had my heart set on an MG, preferably a B, and Toc soon agreed. We went to a number of car shows over the summer and checked out the styles and condition of various cars to give us an indication.
We then found a nearby friendly MG garage that promised to keep an eye out for a good deal for us and a couple of dealers in town.
So, we happily trogged up to London and checked out a dealers showroom. They had some nice looking cars and one in particular that caught our eye. We gave it a quick once over and then asked to get it checked out by the local garage, who agreed to check the mechanics for us. And I am so glad we did as it turned out the thing was rotten underneath. The sills were gone, a jackpoint had collapsed and there was rust under the paint, just to begin with. So we sent them packing and went back to lazily looking around, as to be in a rush about this sort of thing was just asking for trouble.
So it was that a couple of weeks ago our friendly garage rang to say that they had heard of a car going, in lovely condition and in our price range. So we decided, if they thought it was good we would book it straight in for the mechanical check, as I don't know enough at the moment to do more than check it has four wheels. I turned up last Thursday and saw a beauty of a car. Barely a scratch on it and it ran sweet as a nut. So I talked to the owner, who seemed a bit reluctant to see it go, but MGs do that to you, and agreed to phone her in the morning after a think about price.
I phoned her next morning and tried to bargain, as everyone had instructed me ("No one expects to get the asking price") but had no joy. If I didn't offer what she wanted it was no sale. Her price was not unreasonable, so we agreed on it and arranged a handover. Then, on Saturday morning, she phoned me to say that she had decided, having learned from the garage on Thursday how nice a car it was, that she wasn't going to sell it after all. smiley - grr I said that I still wanted it, and I knew that she was supposed to be getting something else to replace it, and could she think about it while away for the weekend. And lo, she did phone me this morning to say that she had now seen something else she would like to buy, and if she could get it she "might" be interested in selling me her car again.
So I have, rather testily, told her to go away, decide what she is doing with the vehicle and then let me know, definately. I'd still like the car, but I don't want to be left hanging around while she umms and ahhs. Well, will see what she decides, but I have already heard of another possibility, so she had better decide soon.
smiley - grr

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Latest reply: Oct 31, 2002

Good News

And so, after the downer of the last entry some good news. My dad has seen a specialist who has decided to bring forward his treatment because she is very confident it will work and sees no reason in hanging back. As tumours go it is small and localised and is expected to be relatively easy to deal with. Definately deserves a smiley - biggrin

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Date stamp

Today my dad got confirmation. Here is hoping he gets many more better ones.

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Just back from Egypt. Cruising down the Nile and visiting Luxor, Karnak, Aswan and even Abu Simbel. An astounding week, which I will write up for the Post. I am somewhat tired though and have almost three hundred photos to sort through. smiley - yikes

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