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And relax!

So, not so much back on Hootoo as just peeking under a few dust sheets at the moment. Npow that I have got the whole "Greatest Con run in Glasgow in years" thing out of the way and the long sneezy summer hoves into sight I would like to get back in here and mayhap even contribute. I don't expect to do a lot at the moment, far too many distractions exist just now but I reckon I can still check things out here occasionally while still getting my Audio Who fixes.
So, I wonder where this path will lead once I cut down the brambles?

smiley - smiley

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Can't say I feel that much older rightly. Still, everyone was very nice to me, I received some very nice things and nothing untoward happened. How am I ever to write a Post article with things like that happening? Eh? smiley - smiley

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No Carbs!!

It made me laugh like a drain and that, rather than any feeling of guilt over not having added a journal in ages, is why it is here. smiley - smiley

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Badly bitten in the Trossachs

The summer solstice, a time of Druidic significance and a chance to sit up all night watching the sky and wondering if it will ever get dark. OR, as it turns out, a chance to be bitten more times than I care to know by midges while dodging the showers. On the plus side, the words "Harris Tweed" entered my mental lexicon as a good thing, the wee B was running great, I didn't crash into anything and Aberfoyle and Callander are lovely wee places in the hills. Will need to go back to do Loch Katrine however.

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Well, finally in my own flat, with a zippy fast internet connection, thanks to Toc directing some burly installers during the day smiley - winkeye, and hopefully plenty of lolly gagging around here in the evenings. Which is just as well, as I can not really get on at all at work, what with there not being an internet connection in the same room as me. My Spider Solitaire skills are improving though. smiley - winkeye

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