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It came out yesterday and I have just finished watching it. I still enjoy it and, while it may not be the best film ever made it is rather silly fun. I'll bet M.J. Simpson is spitting teeth at appearing in the second "Making Of" documentary though. And the deleted guide entry is well worth it.
In other news, I am currently "Between projects" at work and so will hopefully have some more time to be around here. But then I have said that a good number of times.

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Still around but continuing to have very limited access, and time, on t'internet. Hopefully by the end of the summer I should have time to waffle on about everything and anything that has been going on including Job changing (hopefully), Worldcon, excessive parental happenings and comedy suburn. In the meantime, hello and I hope you are all doing well.

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A bit of an apology this. I've not been on the last few weeks, and indeed will probably not be on much (like I ever was) for a wee while yet. Various things, both serious and frivolous, have got in the way as well as just far too much work. I've been so busy I haven't even managed to tape Doctor Who each week although I have managed to watch it. And dashed good it is too. I also managed to squeeze in the Hitchhikers film, which I liked.
Still, I hope to return to a more normal train of events in a month or so, at which point I will owe many people a pint.

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The lows and highs

A bit of a mixed bunch of an Easter that one. My dad has stopped his chemo, as the cure is worse than the disease at the mo'. So we just need to wait and see how things go. The man TPC has emigrated to Kiwiland seriously reducing the likelyhood of being dragged out mid-week drinking. Yet I intend to go visiting, hopefully this winter, which is a new and exciting prospect. Doctor Who returned to our screens and was bloomin' great. Eastercon turned out to be one of the best I have ever been to. I injured myself most greviously while playing Quidditch. I have been nobbled to help out at Worldcon in August and I may well have publically agreed to run another convention in a couple of years time.
Oh, and I drove on the M6 which, for me, is a major achievment. smiley - smiley

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Getting no work done

Gaagh! Today is the official press launch of the new Doctor Who series, due to be shown on BBC1 starting Easter Saturday. Because of this the web is awash with little snippets including the new theme and a new BBC official website. And I have got no work done as a result. I keep popping back to forums to see what has changed in the last half hour (not that much really) and totally failing to do something useful. Grrrrr!
Still, according to my desktop counter I only have eighteen days and five hours to wait.

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