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Tangled in roots

Some time ago my uncle researched a family tree for my mother's side of the family. This is what I have been doing all year so far! and why my presence has not been here.
Found some new relatives - sort of sixth and seventh cousins - and doing quite well really, seeing as that I am in Portugal and all the records are in the U.K.!

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Having had a large party of visitors over for Christmas has kept me rather busy! The last one left yesterday.

I am now flat out scenery painting (Ha ha!).
Although due to local theatre bookings we cannot produce the pantomime until mid-February. The Old Time Music Hall, which took place just before Christmas, occupied our workshop for longer than agreed. We are now two weeks behind, and unfortunately my consultant appointments keep falling on the days that have been arranged for painting!

As chief designer, I must now make haste and get the scenery sketches coloured in so that someone will have an idea of what to do whilst I am away!

smiley - wahsmiley - run

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Eventful trip?

Forgot to mention that have got the part of the Good Fairy smiley - fairy.
Missed first rehearsal though, as was slightly involved in carnage on the 125 and had to wait for 3 hours for everyone to be interviewed, breathalized, etc., thus not getting to the run through.
Having just been driven 5,600 miles through Europe with no problems - still they always say accidents happen near home (well - if one calls 20kms 'near'). Eldest daughter drove us to Italy where we joined a party of 40 in a mediaevil castle in Umbria to celebrate my brother's 25th wedding anniversary.

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Two more on the way!

Catherine of Bragan├ža and Globes accepted!!
smiley - somersault

Must get on with the monarchy!

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Panto time already??

Set design for the Panto commencing - Mother Hubbard (set in the Wild west). Village Street(UK), Prairie, Indian encampment, log cabin interior and Saloon Bar. That's 5 backdrops!!!!
Well, we've got all the Indian costumes from Peter Pan and my two have rodeo outfits and lots of props.
Auditions and production meeting on Monday week.
Shall I audition for
Dandy - The Wonder Dog (dancing possibly a problem there!)
The Good Fairy (only two small entrances)
Old Tumbleweed (elderly ardent flame of Mother Hubbard)
The grizzly bear (Act II only)
The Medicine man??

Probably try for all of them and end up in the back chorus line!

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