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BBC America

My sanity is saved! I upgraded to digital cable, and now I can get BBC America.

The single worst thing about moving to the USA was having to make do with US TV. In the UK, I could watch two channels and get a good selection of quality TV shows, including comedy that's actually funny. In the USA there are about the same number of good shows, but they're spread over fifty channels and the TV companies keep changing the schedules.

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Latest reply: Jun 13, 2000

The ISP situation was fixed, at least

I switched to The World, the world's first ISP. It gives me warm fuzzies to have an account on a system with such historical significance.

I've now had two out of two submitted guide entries approved! I hope I can keep up that standard in future...

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Latest reply: Apr 21, 2000

I need a new ISP

Ever since UltraNet were taken over by RCN, their service has been going gradually downhill.

It started off with problems connecting. With the old, independent UltraNet, I'd never had problems connecting; but now suddenly I'd get hangups, screwy modem squawks, failure for PPP to come up, and so on.

Then a week or two ago, they switched to RCN's networking. Soon all their DNS servers were dead; and they stayed dead for over 24 hours.

I understand that when RCN took over, they started mandatory drug tests for all employees. The highly skilled and intelligent ones, of course, immediately found jobs elsewhere...

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Latest reply: Oct 5, 1999

Can this possibly work?

Having found H2G2, I can't help wondering: Can this possibly work?

Have they planned ahead for the huge quantities of unmitigated crap that they're surely going to find people submitting? Will their database hold up under the strain? Can you really write an interesting encyclopedia just by getting a hundred thousand unpaid volunteers to try and be cool and interesting?

I don't know, but I feel rather lucky to be alive right now, and to be able to watch as everyone finds out.

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Latest reply: Sep 1, 1999

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