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More tears flow....

Sorry to burden you all again my sweet friends.

Life does have a way of kicking you when you are feeling down, eh?

This morning my father-in-law, Don, passed away very suddenly.

As I said yesterday he was being tested for cancer. Unfortunately, or maybe for him, fortunately(?) he didn't last to find out the results.

We are all a little numb at the moment.

Sleep tight Don. May you now rest peacefully.

smiley - rosesmiley - peacedovesmiley - rose

lil xx

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Tears on my pillow....

To be honest the last month has been bloody awful!

We have coped with the anger of Comet's aggressive sales technique in persuading dad to purchase Norton 360, when in reality he didn't need it at all. Then they wouldn't accept it back because (according to them) there was water/condensation between the security wrapper and it couldn't possibly be 'their fault'!

The assistant/supervisor removed the security wrapper without asking, although she lied to her manager saying that she'd asked permission... She was aggressive in her body language with me and even raised her voice at me! But, the manager says, *independent witnesses* said this didn't happen.. Hah! Independent??? They are other staff members - including the assistant who sold the disc to dad.... smiley - cross

Okay.. I had intended to take this matter higher, then dad had a fall and ended up in hospital for a week. That brought us all back to reality, so sod Comet, they just won't get our custom any further.

Luckily dad's problem is not his heart, but something to do with his inner ear and will be treated via outpatients over the next few months.

Hubby's dad has been deteriorating over recent weeks. He's not eating properly and probably only drinks when someone visits him (on a daily basis). He says he cannot taste anything and his bowels haven't been right for months. He's been given all sorts of tests and the recent MRI Scan had to be abandoned because he felt he was going to fall off the table - that scan will be repeated with him under sedation. The family have been informed doctors are looking for cancer, this isn't entirely unexpected but does make it difficult to know how best to deal with him. He doesn't like strangers around at the best of times.

Why the tears??

We have just been informed our loopy ol' cat Tammy has got advanced kidney failure.... at the moment she still has a good quality of life and isn't in any pain, but it doesn't stop the tears flowing...

Sorry to dump all this on my friends smiley - cuddle

lil xx

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I sneezed last night and gave myself whiplash! smiley - wah

I just thought I would share this with you all smiley - rolleyes

lil x

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A sad day...

... News has been filtering through from Australia since lunch time.

Uncle Harold, Dad's older brother has been tragically killed in a motor accident on the farm.

His wife Nancy was driving, and we are uncertain if the vehicle overturned and he was thrown out. It seems he died instantly. We haven't been told of Nancy's injuries as yet.

When my Mum died, Dad struggled from day to day for at least a year. Harold and Nancy asked him to go visit them for a break. With the kind assistance of his brother-in-law Dad made the journey, accompanied by my sister and younger brother.

They spent about 6 weeks out there and the difference in Dad when he came home was amazing! No, he hadn't got over Mum, he never will, but he had got his zest for life back again.

With Harold, they all helped to clear up the shearing shed while the professional shearers got on with their job. I've seen the video footage, they worked hard.. and still had time for a laugh!

They took time out of their busy schedule to escort Dad to Kangaroo Lake to visit their daughter and her young family - and from there they toured to Adelaide, where they stayed with a cousin who had recently emigrated out there.

During the last 15 years or so, most of the surviving brothers and sister June had managed to visit Harold, their door was always open. Everyone had a good time there. The locals were very welcoming - and I had the feeling that Dad and brother Ray would have loved to return and stay permanently if they could.

Thank you Uncle Harold, for giving me my Dad back.

Sleep tight...

smiley - candle

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I yam 8!

.... I almost forgot my Hootoo Burpday! smiley - yikes

There have been so many changes in here over the years, but this one has to be the greatest change we will ever go through!

In essence, nothing much appears to have changed.

We still have the same skins.

We can still use the same threads.

We still have our friends - Well some of us have lost one or two along the way smiley - cry

So,... What is different?

We supervise ourselves, though some still need to remember it's not the BBC Mods they are kicking out at! smiley - cross

We now control the Edited Guide, and the <./>FrontPage</.> has never looked better!

Some are trying hard to bring new things to the site.

Some are attempting to answer the numerous questions that have been asked.

So... May I ask what is so bloody hard in saying 'Thank You' to all those hard working researchers who bring you this site on a daily basic?

Could you for once say 'Thank You' to Robbie Stamp, the Zens, Witty Moniker, Lanzababy, Solnushka and many more... Not forgetting our smiley - hero Pastey for keeping the smiley - cogs moving!

Ooooh! That sounds like a bit of a rant, eh?

We have never had it so good... Well, the Prime Minister who said that didn't last long.. But Hootoo will still be here! will continue to improve, if you just give it a chance, and stop pushing at the boundaries all the time smiley - rolleyes

*carefully gets down from her soapbox* - Mala that's a smiley we all need! smiley - biggrin

Cheers everyone. Here's to another year! smiley - divasmiley - bubbly *hic*

lil xx

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Let's get this PAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaartttaayyyy rolling! smiley - magic

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