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Lil Old Me having internet problems

This is darling daughter VV with a message to mother's wanton friends.

Internet has gone down and she's having to wait for Daddy dear to arrive and sort it out for her

You do realise that when she gets back on line, she'll have the shakes and all sort coz of not being able to get her evening hootoo fix smiley - evilgrin

Mommy's going to kill me now!!! smiley - laugh

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The is my very first Journal Entry... and I am Very Pleased to be able to announce that our very own CaptainCynic and The Doctor_is_in... (the same person for those unaware).. this morning at 5.51am became a father for the second time!

A daughter weighing in at 8lb 10oz. To be named Tala Maryn and a little sister to eldest daughter Cheyenne!

Our beloved Captain and Doctor will understandably be very busy for a while and may not be available as much as we would like.

I am sure you would like to join me in Congratulating him and his dear wife on the safe delivery of baby Tala!!

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