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Wow!! lil's almost into double figures....

It's my 9th Hootoo Burpday! smiley - diva *hic* smiley - bubbly

This last year has been a little bit bumpy...

Comet angered me with their treatment of my dad. Well, after shaking my snowglobe a few times smiley - witch we all know what happened to them smiley - blush

VV's partner is still recovering from his bike crash. He's now able to use crutches, but is still unable to bear any weight on his left leg. Physiotherapy is rather brutal on him. Bradley Smith and Cal Crutchlow invited them both to the Bike Show at the NEC in November, where they met Randy Mamola and a number of other top bikers. They came home with lost of goodies, including two signed photos from Bradley and Cal for Pete and me smiley - biggrinsmiley - magic

This year also saw Pete and I moving into our bungalow. It still seems strange living in his parent's home, but gradually it's becoming our own place. Lots of decorating needs to be done. New kitchen to purchase and the bathroom needs changing smiley - artist

Dad also moved into his bungalow. I can see his roof from my back doorstep!! smiley - biggrin

I think that's all my news for now. Let the paaarrrttaaayyy begin!!

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and, at least, a little Prosperity for the New Year!! smiley - bubblysmiley - crackersmiley - magic

lil xx

*wanders into the kitchen to finish filling the table* smiley - hotdogsmiley - burgersmiley - popcornsmiley - crispssmiley - alesmiley - redwinesmiley - cidersmiley - stoutsmiley - bubbly

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Did you remember today?


I have been waiting all day for BMT to write his journal smiley - biro

Have any of you realised the significance of today's date?

Happy Anniversary smiley - bubblysmiley - diva

Who'da thunked it, eh? A whole one year old! smiley - magic

Well done, everyone!

lil xx

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Be careful what you wish for....

I've cried and I've cried and I've cried until I can no longer shed tears.

I've cried over this site. For the loss of friends and online spats. With disputes between researchers and volunteers and vice versa.. Well that's enough!

No longer will I cry or lose sleep over a website. What happened yesterday made me cry the hardest since I lost my mum 7 years ago.

Last week we were celebrating, as a family, the 40th Birthday of Neal, VV's partner. We all had a wonderful time, with 20 of us taking over a Chinese Restaurant in the centre of Chester.

Part of Neal's presents included something from his personal wish list - a day's training session on the racing track at Mallory Park in Leicester, run by World and British Superbike rider Chris Walker, together with Bradley Smith and a couple of junior riders from the other levels in British Superbikes.

The day began at 7.30am with safety tuitions and slow rides to get used to the bikes and the track. Neal and his friend 'Drumstick' were originally partnered with Bradley, but as Neal was the most experienced of the two and considerably faster, Bradley passed him over to another trainer.

Just one lap later, another trainee miscalculated a corner, dropped his bike, which then bounced into the middle of the track. Neal's trainer only just managed to avoid it, but Neal was totally unsighted and ran straight into the bike. Bradley Smith was devastated and immediately waved to 'Drumstick' to slow down and they both ran to Neal.

Neal had a serious bike accident some years ago with a rod and pins inserted down his leg. This was the leg which received most of the damage with 4 breaks, smashed kneecap and dislocated ankle. His other leg has a smashed kneecap and he also has a broken and dislocated shoulder.

Toni was warned by the surgeons that they would be removing some or all of the pins, and as this meant a significant blood loss, if Neal's body couldn't cope he might lose the leg.

Toni phoned at 2.30 this morning to say he was safely in ICU, after a marathon 12 hour operation to save his leg, so far. He is being kept sedated and he might be taken back to theatre for more work on the pins (not sure if they are removing or replacing them, Toni only heard 'pins' mentioned).

Now you know everything. Being in the middle of a house move isn't exactly helping my mood either.

So if you want to keep arguing, pulling this site apart, inside and out - then p*ss off to another site! Because I am not in the mood for stupid, childish spats!


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A Jarring Incident.

Seems I've done it again! smiley - rolleyes

Yesterday I went to close the landing window and almost slipped down the stairs.

I grabbed the stairpost and managed to pull myself back, but was still unbalanced (not that one smiley - cross) and ended up sitting on the stairs with a bump! smiley - yuk

This jarred my back and my neck, so I'm not very comfortable, and it isn't helping my mood at the moment.

To make it worse.... I trod back onto the carpet grips under the stair carpet and gouged my heel quite a lot. So walking is quite difficult as well as sitting! smiley - wah

At least I am moving into a bungalow.. NO BLOODY STAIRS!

lil xx

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Solicitors' letters!

Lord! They are bloody nosy... 'Do you have every scrap of information for your property for the 25 years you have been habiting the property?'

Well, they don't actually *say* that, but it's implied smiley - rolleyes

They want to know our mortgage account number... Tricky that, as Hubby paid off the mortgage last month, and the account is now closed.

This morning I couldn't find the redemption receipt, to text Hubby to say so...

.. I have just text him back, saying:

'Ignore last text, I've found it in your filing system... on the floor!'

smiley - tongueout

lil xx

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