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What a difference a year makes....

It's been a year since that awful day you kept me company while we waited for the outcome of VV's partner, Neal, after his bike accident F1712450?thread=8296523 on a track training day at Mallory Park.

A year on and he's recovered fairly well - although he's still got a limp in both legs, and they ache a lot but he's been back at work for 5 months now.

Things will never be quite the same again. VV has given up her bike and Neal has only got his two show bikes instead of three! VV made him get rid of the faster bike. smiley - rolleyes

Since that awful day many things have changed. VV is about to give birth any day now, so we have far happier times ahead. smiley - magic

So now I ask that you keep another vigil with me and send good vibes to VV and Neal for the safe delivery of their baby.

Many thanks and much love to you all smiley - cuddle

lil xxx

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... I had been enjoying myself, and now I'm not. smiley - erm

Auntie Giggles has lost her sparkle at the moment.smiley - shrug

Perhaps I should just concentrate on the pending new arrival of the Baby Bump smiley - smiley

lil x

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Busy, busy, busy!!!

So busy this weekend, that I just might fail to look into my favourite site smiley - runsmiley - run and I could catch myself coming back smiley - nursmiley - nur

Got a letter to do for hubby. Seems the HMRC requires him to tell them when the period of administration finished on his dad's estate. Well... nobody informed us that we had to that, but no problems really. Just have to confirm there is no tax liability incurred. smiley - geek

Must get hubby to complete the Trust Forms which we've finally found after losing them during our move to the bungalow smiley - rolleyes

Still fighting the DWP on behalf of my brother. Finally got them to see they have made a HUGE mistake in two points out of three in their case. Income Support is reinstated and partially backdated. Just got to attend the tribunal for the third point (date to be established). I would be quite happy for them to just wipe the slate clean, otherwise I will be fighting for them to quash completely. It's not our fault nobody bothered to check any details that had been supplied to them! smiley - cross

Oh.. and in the middle of all of this... It's VC's 40th Buffday!! smiley - yikes

Forty years, eh? ... Who could believe time can pass by so fast? smiley - erm

Hang on! On Monday that would make me *counts fingers* smiley - shrug.... I can't be that old yet! smiley - headhurts

Soddit! I think I will take Monday off smiley - wah

Also, hubby has decided to take a long weekend off... smiley - rolleyes th... That's All Folks!! smiley - biggrin

lil x

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The Prof sent me this....

... and I just had to share it!! smiley - tongueout

A Woman was asked.

"When you are a ripe old age, what would you prefer to get

Parkinsons or Alzheimers?"

This wise lady answered. "Definitely Parkinsons.

Better to spill half my wine than to forget where I put the bottle."

A very wise woman, indeed!! smiley - biggrin

smiley - divasmiley - bubbly *hic*

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A HAaaandbaaag!

At long last, this Entry finally reached the Front Page: A87788894

It took me seven long years to complete her story, mainly because there is so little said about her private life!

Thank Dmitri that it finally got to see the light of day - it actually became part of a Create Challenge which he set a couple of months ago smiley - biggrin

Now, who do I prod for me badge! smiley - tongueout

lil xx

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