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I have to admit the harmonica is an important instrument...try backing up your opinions if you want anybody to agree with you. As for the harmonica, that's the only one I can play and therefore the only one I can rightfully IS an important instrument. Aside from being one perhaps the largest building block of blues music as a whole, it was also a very important part of the development of rock and roll. Bob Dylan, the single most important white figure in music history (according to a book about music in general I read), used it more than frequently in songs that defined generations and indeed the world. It was also used by Neil Young and The Beatles, who were both undoubtedly important forces in the development of music. I think if you hear it in the right context (ie: not your drunken uncle naked other than overalls stomping around on a termite-eaten porch) you'll be able to appreciate it for what it is. Also, you have to have respect for anything that musically powerful that can come in such a small package.

Harmonic Avenger

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I have to agree about the harmonica being one of the worst sounding musical instruments - sorry Sparkles. Violin played by beginner is bad I agree, but the violin tends to be small and not too powerful. A full-sized violin played by a tone deaf but full-grown and hefty amateur with good intentions and cloth ears is truly the worst sound of all. Other than that of a beginner French Horn player of course.

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