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Laugh a Little.....

 Watching Holywood Squares this morning and the question was "Which member of the Animal kingdom has the largest eyes?", to which an American comedian replied "Marlon Brando at a buffet table".
Made me laugh...

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Tuesday 17th

 A "good" day today. Good as in not crap.
Hello my name is Stephen and I sell. I've been selling for ten years now but I haven't touched a Vectra in 3 months. (round of applause)

Cold calling is the God send of evil managers, it gives them something to silently threaten you with. "It's part of the job, you should know that", but it doesn't matter how long you've been in sales or how short, cold calling is a bugger.

However something of solice for those who have this joy as part of their daily grind. Cold calling is exactly the same as Golf, apart from the lack of balls (well maybe...), the lack of clubs or grass. You only have to play one good shot in an entire days play to make you keep coming back for more. The rush, the buzz, the excitment makes up in some small way for the constant rejection and humilation.

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