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Kinda looked back at that last entry and thought...... ouch, a little umm... well I think Ouch kinda covers it so thought I'd put something a little less ouch injucing up

Bank holiday weekend was fun smiley - smiley as a few of you know, mayhem with me, Jack an the dog walking about shropshire while I told them at great length about the witches which fly around the callow, my dog also then got covered in gren algae off the canal. Went to see my parents up there and her six horses were running about as usual. So that was all great an mad an fun an chaotic, just dont mention keys

see people, happy happy happy

Mad cadet smiley - fish Charlie x

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I feel sooooooooooooo tired

And I totally refused to go in today

Had to argue for 20 mins on the phone which simply resulted in them saying "well you sound fine"

Yeah well I dont feel fine do I?

So now your phsycologically screwed up friend advises you not to shout at your boss as I did

Either way he suddenly became worried and told me to relax a little

Maybe it was something I said, who knows

Maybe he just got an important fax and doesnt care, who knows?

Infact, who does care?

Either way I have managed to get everyone really worried again WHY does everyone worry I can look after myself and I have promised not to do anything drastic sooooooo many times to so many people

Totally freaked Jack last night by suddenly pushing him right off me

smiley - erm still not sure why I did that

But like I said, who ever cares?

I think I'll go try to cheer up my poor dog, she looks upset

Stupid animal

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WARNING! 3rd Journal entry and its depressing.....

.... Because I feel utterly crap!

I felt better on tuesday, completely fine on wednesday morning/midday thinking Id probably go in the next day and then wednesday evening I utterly collapsed, literally. Almost passed out. Eeep. crawled into bed at about 8:30 and slept until about ten this morning, woke up and was STILL tired WHY is that?

And then to round that off my dog finally plucked up courage to chase something and chose a massive Fox which she chased until it realised it was bigger than her and more vicous, at which point it turned around and bit her. So we had to take her to the vet where she stayed over night for complex reasons the guy wouldnt explain.

AND (oh theres more) Jack had a check up and he got a letter through telling him to go up to Hove hospital tommorow and he wouldnt tell me why, told me it was nothing which somehow makes it worse even if it IS nothing which it probably is (man i really wish I'd listened in biology not that it helps because i dont know what it IS thats wrong......!!)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Can i crawl into a hole yet?

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A SECOND journal entry, impressive huh?

...........Or at least i thought so anyway

This is mainly an oppatunity for me to rant about Air Iberia who SUCK and i hate vengfully

Whilst out in Ibiza (I know what you may be thionking, but Ibiza only has one city that attracts drunk up teenagers and its the otherside of the island from us) on the secounf to last day we got a phonecall politely informing us that Jack had been bumped from the plane onto a flight which would mean that he'd have to leave at three am and then wait for three hours for the original connecting flight

I politely (honest) arugued that this was incredible stupid and nasty and that i hated them and wed probably spend hours trying to find each other from opposite ends of the air port ruining our day and delaying their flight

I then politely asked her to fix it

she thought about this, apologised saying she didnt know we were travelling together etc

She then bumped me to the earlier flight aswell

Boom Boom.

I hate her........

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A journal entry by me

I’ve never done a journal entry before, Im not that sort of person really. But hey I thought, why not? The problem now being what should I put into it? What would people want to about me? There aint really that much to know, what have I done today? Not much, currently unemployed and looking carefully for a job so I just walk the dog and visit my friends in various shops, today I visited my friend in Bicester. The whole affair is quite pathetic (just like me). One interesting thing that happened was my dog (in some strange attempt to push me of the sofa) managed to give me a lovely scratch up my arm. Oh the excitement of it all indeed. Well there you have it people. My first and probably last journal entry, dated the 09/03/2004 at 16:26. enjoy.

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