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Hey look, a kinda journal thing

I havent done one of these for ages

Thats cause I kinda havent been around I guess

smiley - erm

And in a way I'm being kinda selfish here because I'm only doing this to get something out of my system

You see, I was going through stuff yesterday and I came across a photo of me and Julien. Jul being my ex who kinda had smiley - erm emotional control problems. Anyway, I'm having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that I can still care about him enough to keep this photo. I mean I shouldnt. And it kinda makes me feel twisted and weird smiley - erm I guess I'm trying to anylse myself or something. I wish you could turn feelings off. Or I could get him wiped from my memory or something. Maybe I wouldnt be such a weirdo then.

Either way...

smiley - erm

sorry about that

Charlie x

smiley - fish

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*waves goodbye*

We're off to the Lake District, so we wont see you guys for about a week Dont suppose you could keep the blog down smiley - erm No? alright then....

Charlie x smiley - hsif

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Latest reply: Dec 20, 2004

Is this true?

smiley - erm Somebody a few days ago told me to like grow up and stop attention seeking.

Ok so seriously now, honestly. Do I attention seek? I mean I dont mean to or anything smiley - erm *fidgits* and if I do you should tell me so I can stop smiley - erm

Cause it must be really annoying

Sorry smiley - erm

Charlie x

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Should I be worried?

smiley - erm I only ask because I dont appear to be able to even spell my own name today

smiley - erm I figure most people can right?

You know one of those days where you just feel tired and drained and blah? Yeah, thats today smiley - sleepy I just feel so tired, I want to curl up in a corner and sleep. Meh smiley - erm possibly cry as well, but I thinks thats because I'm so tired I'm getting frustrated with myself smiley - wah god I cant do anything today!


smiley - erm well anyway, I think I might sleep for the whole weekend

Yeah that sounds good smiley - zzz

well, anyway everyone else have a nice weekend

smiley - hug

Charlie x

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So whats happening?

smiley - erm I decided to do another journal since some people might not know I'm back for a while, or some of the stuff that is going on.

Most people by now I think know that Jack, my boyfriend (found here if you dont know him U522350 ) is in hospital recovering from meningitis, or at least they do now smiley - erm And I'm stuck in work or at home alone being depressive and lonely. I shouldnt really be on my own, with the history I have, and I know this but dont have anyone to come stay with me or to stay with (dont argue with this, I really dont, I've thought about it several times). So I've been wallowing smiley - erm and I came back here a) to tell people about Jack and keep people updated and b) well, I dunno smiley - erm to talk to people I guess to stop myself going mad. Most messages for Jack are being left here F1712450?thread=524918 if you want to leave him a message or something.

see you guys around smiley - erm


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