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This is very cheer-up worthy

I may be the only one who finds this funny, but someone sent me this anyway and I thought I'd share and enjoy

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Latest reply: Sep 13, 2005

And if the devil is six.....

I promise I've calmed down smiley - erm honestly, its safe, I'm not going to come at anyone with a carving knife

I think

smiley - erm

No really I think I'm safe now, smiley - erm and if I do anything crazy again I'll plea insanity and just keep away before the mass killings start

smiley - erm ok, now I'm starting to scare myself aswell, so I'm gonna stop before I dig a deeper hole

Charlie x

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Latest reply: Sep 12, 2005

A friend in needs a friend indeed

So make with the friendliness

*shoves hair out of face*

Why have I now got long hair and Jacks got short hair? Oh wait no its cause I'm lazy

*shoves vaguely at hair*

I'm tired and stressed and Jet lagged, though its not as if my sleep cycle was amazing anyways, and mom was running round in her underwear madly telling me to go get some milk at like 8 this morning because it was raining, and regardless of her being more dressed than me she hadnt done her hair or whatever so I had to walk down the road in the rain and get milk. joy. She was doing something with the horses I think, smiley - erm come on horses are outdoor animals they can take a bit of rain. Dunno what she was doing but it was horse related.

Tired *rubs face* wont be able to get back to sleep now smiley - erm Fed up with stuff, I mean why is it so hard for me to have a boyfriend who can actually be there when I need him, why I've only ever had one boyfriend who was there when I needed him and in the end i split with him, why ? Why do I seem to fall in love with unreliable people or violent people who yell and scream and hit or people who then fall ill or whatever, why? Honestly, what is wrong with me? And why do I find it hard to keep friends. I mean really, and the friends I cant get rid of are the ones who arent really friends I need, they're friends who bug the crap out of me sometimes (no offence, this probably doesnt mean you, infact if you think it does its most likely it doesnt smiley - erm *digs hole* oh well f**k it most people dont care anymore anyway) or people that dont understand what they've done that pisses me off, infact I considered explaining at great length to people who dont seem to realise why we're not good friends anymore, but then realised itd be pointless anyway and didnt.

I'm so depressed and .... well, p*ssed off. My sister was going beserk when I was out there. Yes I was out in america when Katrina was happening, how relaxing. She knew someone out there (N.Orl.) and she hasnt made contact yet. And Bush is full of sh*t, stop visiting people and waving and do more instead!

Oh god. I really dont give a sh*t anymore. Its like, the straw that breaks the camels back. I think I'll just sit here and rot. Whatever.

'An ex person'
(for no reason other than the thought made me laugh)

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Latest reply: Sep 6, 2005

Calling MOTMV members: Percival the Sheep has his own website

smiley - sheep
smiley - blacksheep

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So, seriously.....

... Why does my life feel, currently, like its being scripted by one of the people who write eastenders?

All I'm missing is for someone to turn up and say: "hello, we're you're real parents and we had you adopted" and the weirdness will be completed smiley - erm I mean I feel like nothing happens the easy way round me. Or, just as it does start to calm down something else happens that rocks the boat smiley - erm I mean come on! what next ?

I feel exhausted, I just want things to be calm *gestures to indicate "calm" *

Is that too much to ask? smiley - erm

sorry if I snap at anyone, not a calm time of year for me and sleeping badly smiley - erm

and apologies for the rant smiley - erm

Charlie x

"you think that I'm strong, you're wrong"

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