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I on the other hand hail from the other side of the USA (Oregon).

I am currently a senior at the oldest university on the west coast Willamette University in Salem Oregon.

I too, have too firsts or two lasts (Thomas Kent)

I spent nearly thirty years in electronics manufacturing and now I am preparing for my real career (whatever that maybe, I dont know yet.) My major is history because I like it so much and may end up teaching it.

There is probably a million computer science people out there and their pay scale is plummeting as we speak. I remember twenty years ago all the career counselors were telling everyone to go into that field not it is so full it is harder and harder to find a decent job anymore.

If you can develop something of your own then there is a chance, entrepeneurs, are a dime a dozen now also. Take marketing classes then you'll know how to market yourself after you graduate. Sorry about the cynicism but I spent many years out of work in my chosen career path and I like to warn others.

I truly do wish you good luck though, I know there are smart people out there who are making a great career, I didn't.

Thank ye kindly

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Hey bud,
Thanks for the advice; the fate of compsci majors everywhere is one I'm painfully aware of. But I wouldn't even be in this field if I didn't think I had a competitive advantage on most of my peers. I do hope history works out for you, I don't know offhand of too terribly many occupations that applies to either, unfortunately. At my school a lot of the diplomacy kids double-major in history, so I guess you could always go that way too if you wanted.

Thanks for the post, see ya around, may your ancestors smile upon you

Thank ye kindly

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The irony is that since I worked in the electronics field with supervisors that had degrees in English lit, or physical fitness, (Basket weaving would do I guess) I figured that I could find something with a history degree.

The lower end of management (supervision) seems to require some degree just to prove you are educated (why I dont know).

I have friends with double majors in either Economics, or Political science. My expectations are not to go into politics.

No matter what field you go into (even comp sci) if you like it and it covers your needs then go for it. I would recommend though at least one marketing class (seriously). All of society sees us as we project ourselves and that is marketing. Sending out resumes is marketing (in a sense). Just to have a perspective on this issue I would recommend it.

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Well, thanks again for the advice. The marketing suggestion is definitely one I've heard before, but it is reassuring to hear it again. I agree it is somewhat ironic that most people (or so it seems) don't even work in a field related to their major. I have been spared, for the most part, from witnessing this firsthand as most of my employers to date worked very much in their field of study (civil engineering and urban planning).
However, I consider my choice of major to be very significant as I plan to go directly to grad school. I have done some research into the subject, and the schools that offer the types of technology/entertainment programs I'm looking for (animatronics, CG, and so forth) generally require the high-level mastery of mathematics an technology that attaining a comp sci degree from my school will hopefully convey.

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well it sounds fascinating and I wish I could start all over. Are you interested in movie work? or the video game industry?

Familiar with fractal generators?

It is always important to be in the field that you like even if it doesn't pay well. The other things will always balance things out for a person.

Well, enjoy your time on h2g2, it has changed over the time I've been with it and I'm sure that it will continue to change.

Good luck with your career.

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and as to a career path, still pretty uncertain.

always had a thing for directing, so maybe film, but who can say?

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Here's an idea! Become well versed in the ATM/ banking codes, find out the locations and how to break into the "On Star system" so that a person can go missing without "them" knowing where they are, or even be able to track you.?

Sound paranoid well our society is rapidly coming to the point where somebody knows where we are constantly, where it will be impossible to ever be "lost". The government already has in place systems that can monitor our whereabouts, can follow us on the road and track us without our knowing it.

I personaly have worked on some of these devices in the past. GPS and the radio identification tags and readers(RFID). Claims have been made that some "government entity" cannot actually track speed but as a technician I know that is not true. All the government has to do is "need to do it" and they can without modifications. All that is needed is a small software patch they probably already have at the ready.

Our future could be run by the likes of Ashcroft and Bush does that sound promising. I don't think they have my best interests at heart. Our society needs the ability to stop these devices to free ourselves from them, not on the governments terms but on our own.

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