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Skankyrich [?]

'ello smiley - smiley

I've been polishing your fine piece on Minivans, and you can find the results just here:


Most of the changes I've made are stylistic; making your hyphenated list into a bulleted list, correcting the odd comma, stuff like that. The only change I've made beyond that which is significant is the removal of the sentence '(translate metric units for imperial in the USA)', which I didn't feel was necessary. I can reinstate this if you disagree, of course, but I think everyone has fairly got used to metric being around.

I notice you haven't been around for a while, so in your absenceI'm going to let the UnderGuide Editors know I've finished and let them proceed. If you disagree with anything I've done, though, please let me know and I'll correct anything as you see fit.

Congratulations, by the way smiley - bubblysmiley - smiley

UG Polisher Calling Dudemeister

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Cool, thanks.

UG Polisher Calling Dudemeister

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Only thing I noticed is the "passing lane" is the leftmost lane from the perspective of the driver in N. America and most countries except of course UK, Japan and some others. They do have minivans in Japan - I know someone there with one - he is a rather sensible driver so I conclude that Japanese minivans do not come installed with these features!

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