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Apologies. Sincere ones.

Just my luck, I can offend by doing nothing!
I was off-site few months and managed to offend a fellow researcher by not getting in touch as soon as I was back.
(Don't try to find the thread, we haggled strictly off-site.... and thanks for that!)

So he told me I'd better state my point of view and my reservations in my journal, not to get more e-mail like that. For once, I'll even follow his advice! Here goes:

It's not so easy to get back in touch when you've been away with the community going on at it's usual fast pace. I'm never quite sure if people remember me, and friendly though the site may be, I've gotten a bit shy. smiley - weird it'll pass, though.

So, to those random few who care to read this smiley - winkeye:

I'm really sorry I just left for so long - and if I haven't been in touch with you personally since I'm back and you still remember me, I'm sorry, too.

I resolved to get back to one of my "old acquaintances" each time I log back on, but pleeease, pleeeeaaaase don't be offended if I don't hop over to your place right now smiley - grovel - I kind of go by random through my old bookmarks/favourites and the "who's online"-thingie...
If you spot me before I spot you, drop me a line.

smiley - kiss
ksmiley - blackcate.

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Latest reply: Jul 16, 2001

paranoid post no.1

workmates have found the guide, obviously. I found myself answering in a forum not being myself. tsts... they shouldn't set cookies on my puter.... and they definitely shouldn't enable this password-remembering-stuff... Now I just have to find out, who "they" are - and "they" still have to find this page smiley - winkeye
this post sounds pretty paranoid, with all the talk of THEM smiley - silly
*snooping away*

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Latest reply: Jun 25, 2001


I definitely can't recommend 2 weeks enforced fasting. At least not when one hasn't internet access *sigh*... I'm writing this with a friends WAP handy btw - Greetings from the bedside; I hope I'll be back again...

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Latest reply: Mar 9, 2000

I'm safely landed the new year, and it's about time! first I FORGOT my 'puter, then forgot the modemcable, then my friend had to rearrange his 'puter right at Dez 30th and took AGES, and when at last I have everything ready my provider breaks down.... and I didn't even want to get off my h2g2-addiction smiley - winkeye
*phew* back at last...

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Latest reply: Jan 5, 2000


I'm sorry that I have to neglect my duties temporarily - my boss is ill and I have to finish a grant application till wednesday. Really sorry - I would much prefer to spend the time in here

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