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The term 'theodicy' refers to the philosophical study of the logical problem of evil, and is considered a sub-genre of process theosophy.

The zoroastrians introduced everyone in the western world to the concept of 'satan' but the root concepts actually went back a bit farther... the sumerian pantheon had a pretty good grasp of evil and originated the concept of 'demons' for example (the 'evil gods' of sumarian pantheism were the models for H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, and in fact are still observed by modern occultist whackos of various stripes).

The hebrew equivalent of evil, 'sin', means literally 'falling short of the goal'. Pretty tolerant people. Their notion of sin got somewhat confused with the zoroastrian notions of 'evil' during their captivity in babylon. On the plus side, they picked up some pretty heavy cosmology... a good chunk of the first chapter of Genesis is babylonian creation mythology.

Just reading your stuff and thought you'd like some input.

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