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Missed the boat

Sadly, I forgot about NaJoPoMo until it was too late to start on time. I'll put it on my calendar for next year.

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Latest reply: Nov 3, 2014

Happy Towel Day!

Just dropped by to wish everyone a Happy Towel Day. If this is late for your time zone, I hope you had a Happy Towel day. smiley - towel

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Latest reply: May 25, 2014

My NaJoPoMo 2013 A Page

I haven't been here for a while again, but I am going to participate in NaJoPoMo this year again. Here's where the posts will appear if you'd like to subscribe to them:

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Not a NaJoPoMo entry

I'm having a lot of trouble with Hootoo today. I keep getting error messages. One of my NaJoPoMo entries has disappeared as well. Is anyone else having trouble?

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Latest reply: Nov 6, 2012

My NaJoPoMo guide entry

I will be participating again this year in H2G2 Nation's Journal Posting Month of November. Rather than flooding my friends feeds with a new posting everyday, I've created a Guide Entry for reference (A87775898). Journal entries for the month will appear under discuss this entry. Readers can subscribe to new conversations in that Guide Entry if they like.

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