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NaJoPoMo 2011 Day 29 Bad Sleep and Vivid Dreams

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I slept poorly last night. I woke up about 5am and couldn't fall back asleep. I took 2 melatonin and a Klonopin and finally fell back asleep. Then I slept well until my radio came on at 9am to wake me up. Then I slept some more but less well and finally got up at around 11:30.

I had an interesting dream which I am starting to forget already. I was at a friend's house in MN. She had gone out for a walk with her family. While she was gone I took all kinds of liberties in her house. I tried on her slippers. I ate raw potatoes and carrots she was saving for dinner. I was looking at a copy of Time Magazine which had a front page article on how pineapples and papayas were unsafe to eat for some reason.

Then my friend came home with her small daughter on her shoulders. The daughter was very happy to see me though in RL, she doesn't really know me. My friend was annoyed at catching me eating one of her carrots but she didn't say anything.

But she was eating a pineapple like it was an apple and had eaten it down to the core. I don't know if she'd eaten the skin or peeled it. I asked her if she'd read the article about pineapples in Time and she said she had. She was going to explain to me why it was safe for her to eat a whole pineapple, but I woke up about then.

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NaJoPoMo 2011 Day 29 Bad Sleep and Vivid Dreams

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