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Drop the Debt

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Strange this one, I am in total favour in principle.
But, to date, welll in excess of 55 million Kalashnikov AK47 assault rifles and their derivatives have been made. Most seem to end up in countries with the largest debts, starvation, torture, and bad human rights records etc.
Who pays for them? As well as the Rocket Propelled Grenades, Surface to Air Missiles... And why do all their leader shows signs of being well over weight?

Drop the Debt

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Even more important, who sells the weapons to them.

Drop the Debt

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The weapons are mainly the Very Brilliant Kalashnikov AK47, and now the AK74s. All designed by (Surprise Surprise) a Mr Kalashnikov still living in a flat in relative poverty in Moscow. Probably the best assault rifle in the world, and first built in 1947! These were preceded by the AKS and others.
So far in excess of, and YES I do have my figure righ! 60 million variants have been made.
The chief producers are/were,Russia, Poland,Bulgaria and many more.
The most common in the hands of terrorists are made in Bulgaria and China, the difference being the stupid forward facing extra grip on the Bulgarian version. Most have internaly chromed barrels, completely interchangeable components, and the ammo is common and Very Cheap! Some of the ammunition is composed of two seperated aluminium halves in the copper pointed jacket, when it hits a body, the jacket is spinning at about 100,000 RPM, the two halves seperate and proceed to do serious damage.
Other weapons are copies of the relatvely unreliable AR16 variants from Malasya,Korea, designed in the USA. Other offerings from Heckler Koch, Isreali Military Industries, Italy, are only about 1.5%.
So the answer is the U.S.S.R. or whatever tey call themselves thesedays!

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