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Half-life rules, especially the counterstrike mod!!!!


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Counterstrike rules.
First of all, the Sig rifle. Full title unknown, but it's rifle no. 4 when you want to buy it, around $3000. The recoil, the blast...
And then there's my beloved MP-5. Whoo. I'm not a good player but my team had the bucks so I kept dying and getting more MP-5s and the ground was littered with hardware.
The new mansion map's pretty nifty. Playing counterterr I hogged the stairs and got to blast people's heads freaking off. But warning, if you're going to do this watch your left for the asswipes climbing up the drain and do not let them get near you with a knife or you're pretty well doomed, aren't ye?
That's all.

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...

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Of course, h2g2 have a Counterstrike server.

Check the other thread for IP.

smiley - fish

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...

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UTTER pointless to those of us who don't play online. couldn't they made a stand-alone version that allows you to play with bots?

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