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I have, more or less, utterly failed to win the post of Virtual Mayor of London. And I've done it by quite a sizable number of votes. I have, however, been appointed the Minister of Anti-Stupid by Her Honor the Mayor, Fenchurch M. Mercury. So I'm not feeling particularly bitter.

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Somebody's gone off and gotten their entry on Jelly (Jello) accepted, And I've got one of my own submitted. And theirs is better. This makes me less than cheerful. Why can't I ever win?

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*Gasp* I'm writing another journal! Ah well. I'm running for the Virtual Mayor of London. Interesting experience. I'm being taken out of context. And instead of a good picture of me there's a chimpanzee. But I've gotten that sorted out. It should be fixed soon.

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Erase and correct

  I said I wouldn't do it unless 36 people told me to. This has not happened. So why is it happening? Why am I going back on my declaration and creating a new Journal entry? It is to set down for all who come by the date of the birth of I.C.A.R.U.S. On this day, the eleventh of September, nineteen hundred and ninety-nine, the Crusade was first set down in pixels. Join us, and stand tall!

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First Entry

This is where my journal entries would be, if I bothered to post any. This is highly unlikey. The only conceivable manner in which I could be persuaded to post an entry other than this one is if 3!^2 (three factorial squared, or thirty-six) people tell me I should do so.

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