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Jacks Journal: Mindless mutterings

I should warn you in advance, there is absolutely ZERO point to this journal. I just felt like writing something here since I havent for a little while. Its just drabble.

Guide Entries I said I would write: .... 0%

Things I said I would do in general: .... lets be generous, 10%


I've just.... arrgh! Sleep is taking over my life! And total and utter Apathy. Yes, Apathy with a Capital A. I've just been doodling away (and keep telling myself to use my LJ to host my doodles etc- and forgetting (really not good at regular things))and amusing myself attempting to destroy Cal in various MMORPGs (and just barely managing it on occasion- usually due to some unfair advantage. Damn Paladins! And no, I'm not telling you what site or what user I am - its a secret )

I just realised I've forgotten half the smiley shortcutes. Woes.

Muh. So lazy and tired at same time. *curls up in blankets and glares at world*

And the weather. To use the dreaded shorthand- ZOMGWTFBBQ? The WIND down here in the southeast is just HORRIBLE and the RAIN is just NEVERENDING... and yet, the spring flowers are coming up. WHAT is with that? We have seriously screwed up this world.

*slumps some more*

I'm too lazy to even finish this journal, you know?

Anyway, I'm going to go sleep and drink hot chocolate and bewail my lot.

So, to save me sifting, leave me replies telling me what you've been upto eh? I need to catch up on the gossip!


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Jacks Journal: Look out, its approaching that time of year

... When I can't stop singing songs from the The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you have never seen said movie, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Go watch it NOW! or at watch this passable clip.

To be honest, it all starts around appraoching Halloween for me

smiley - musicalnote This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night smiley - musicalnote

smiley - evilgrin Ooooh I love it I love it I love it!

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Jacks Journal: Conversations with myself

Sometimes, I feel rather like everybody is just talking to themselves.

And now I have promptly forgotten the rest of what I was going to say.

In that case, I'll just have a little blather if you don't mind. This might just end up as a nonsensical train of thought, but oh well. I'm really tired you see. I doubt i could be more tired if I hadn't had any sleep at all. And my wrists hurt. Damn computers and damn typing. And oddly, my nails hurt. And I cant type to save my life today. I really cant. I keep making silly errors. Stupid hurting wrists. The weathers all miserable and dark too. And its cold. And I rather feel like i've been getting it in the neck right from the beggining of this week.

And I'm fed up with the world. Its like a turn round for five minutes and rather like a naughty child the world goes off and does its own thing.

I think I'm turning into a total misanthropist.

Oh well.

I cant think of much else to say. Although I would like to praise this cunning little reverse dictionary I have, where you look up what you mean and it tells you the word.

Thats about it.

*yawns and curls up*

G'night world

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Jack Writes A Journal Entry

OK, so a yesterday, or possibly today, or the day before yesterday... I really don't know anymore the days all meld and I forget bits....

ANYWAY, at some point in my life, Cal said to me how proud he was of me. And one of the reasons was that I never whinge or complain, even though apparently I have more of a right to than many other people.

So, I though about this and thought to myself "Maybe I should have a whinge? Are people expecting a whinge? Maybe one big whinge would get it out of my system?"

So, Jack Productions Incorp. is proud to present, for one Journal only, "One Big Whinge"

I'm not very good at whinging, but I'm giving it my best shot:

Err, right, well I have a headache? Can I whinge about that? Wait, if I'm whinge I shouldn't ask permission should I. OK, I have headache! It hurts! I realise other people have headaches too, but mine hurts at the moment! And, on top of that I have a stomach ache! Ok, so other people have stomach aches too, but right now on top of the headache it isn't very nice! Its all seasick-ish! Also, now I've got going, I'd like to mention that its absolutely freezing cold and I hate the cold. I feel it more than other people. To the point where it hurts sometimes when its very cold. On top of that, my fingers ache and hurt and I've got bruises from falling over clumsily because I bruise easily. Actually, I feel sick most days! And most of my joints ache! Take that! And I'm really tired a lot of the time, which gets really annoying smiley - cross especially when I want to do things! And I get emotionally extreme and it annoys me! And I have nightmares! And this is really hard to write because I hate whinging in case it makes people feel bad! And I don't know what to write! And if you've read this far I'm impressed! Although I suspect no-one will read past the bit where I announce I'm going to whinge. And I'm getting angry and I'm not sure why! smiley - cross So I'm going to continue! Except I don't really want to now! Oh, the HYPOCRICY! I hate people who complain and yet I've allowed myself to do this! INNER CONFLICT! I want to backspace the whole of this and put something nice! Aaargh! And now I shall be forced to give up because I just cant write the truth because I'm a coward and hit post and run away!

*does so*

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Jack Joins the Bandwagon

Waiting seems to be popular at the moment

So being english, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and list all the waiting I do (which is naturally alot)

So, I wait for breakfast
Wait for text messages
Then wait for replies
Wait for interweb pages to load
Wait for lunch time
Wait for the nurse to find me finally and jab me with a needle
Wait for the time to take my tablets
Wait in ques at the post office
Wait for a tv program to start

*deep breath......*

Wait for artistic inspiration
Wait for my brain to come up with a witty reply to an email/message of some sort
Wait for dinner
Wait for phonecalls
Wait for something better to do
Wait for myself to finally fall asleep

All in all, I do alot of waiting

Anyone care to beat my list?

smiley - rofl


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