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Editorial Changes to Tom Collins

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Tom Collins (tomthedog)

It's very exciting to see my entry on the verge of approval. The Tom Collins is truly my baby - after all, I've been one for 30 years. (Thomas J. Collins, at your service.) I have some notes, though, on the changes.

I should add, I have no idea if this will be heeded or even read - if, to put it in a nutshell, anybody gives a rat's ass. But... it's my baby. I have to at least try to be heard. (I'm posting the same message under the actual entry, in the hopes you see it one place or another.)

The first change (and the one which most alarms me):
"The Tom Collins is widely popular and is best enjoyed as a sipping drink, to be savoured rather than guzzled, but still for the sole purpose of getting drunk."
This completely reverses the point I was trying to make: the Tom Collins, as opposed to, say, a Long Island Iced Tea or a Sex on the Beach, does NOT exist for the sole purpose of getting drunk; indeed, suggesting that is does entirely negates the points made earlier in the sentence: that it is a sipping drink, to be savored. It contains alcohol, yes, but if a drinker's intention is to get utterly sloshed he'll skip a sophisticated drink like the Tom Collins and go for tequila shots. It should remain: "...not for the sole purpose of getting drunk."

The change (under "Ingredients"):
"2oz Gin...
1oz Lemon juice..."
Is this a British thing? There's no space between the number and the abbreviation. And is there no period after abbreviations in England?

And under "Notes":
The third paragraph ("In fact, few bars have actual Collins glasses...") should stay under the "Caveat" section, as it both continues the list of differences between perfect and typical Tom Collinses, and also establishes the existence of the Collins glass (which needs to be established in order for the line in the 2nd paragraph under Notes, "Don't send it back if it's sweet gin in a highball glass with a lemon," to make sense).

Also, I obviously enjoy my footnote jokes a great deal more than you did, especially the one about the women wearing togas, but I guess I can live without them.

Editorial Changes to Tom Collins

Post 2


Well golly, I've just gone back to the original, which says "to be savored, not guzzled for the sole purpose of getting drunk." and I see where the confusion arose... I understood it as "to be savored, not guzzled, for the sole purpose of getting drunk."
As for your other points, I'll take a look in a bit, I haven't seen how the Entry emerged from the editorial process yet.
I'll be back...

Editorial Changes to Tom Collins

Post 3


I think you'll find that it's all fixed now smiley - smiley

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