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Okay, just a quickie (which is a shame since it's been a while)..
Anyway, since I last added an entry, a fair bit has happened. For a start, the photocopier is know so many piles of parts (that's right kids, Electrostatic rollers, just £140 a pop). Also, I am now living in Hastings with my Mate and hunting for a job.
Online, I am currently working on the "Where's Were GPS", that should let Were-creatures worldwide find others in their area, and my supposedly monthly comic strip.
Back to offline life, I'm happy to be going a big meet in March with about 30-40 friends. Now where'd I leave my tent...?

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Saturday 7th, August; photocopiers

 Today was a very good day for this researcher. Being a reincarnated fox, I tend to scavenge. Sinse I don't need to scavenge food (I can get better from the 'fridge) it's normally junk I scavenge.
Today I scavenged a photocopier. Undamaged on the outside, and still with manuals and log-book, it seemed in good working order. Most of the time tho, you get what you pay for. There is somthing wrong with the electrostatic roller in it, so nothing is being put to paper. Everything else is fine.
I hope I can find the problem before space becomes an issuee again, and it becomes spare parts.

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Clones, murder and suicide

 I'd just like a few other veiws on this; if a clone of someone kills the origional, or the origional kills the clone, is that counted as murder or suicide (as the person has killed themself)?

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Day #1

 I have decided to start my journal on a high note, so I was waiting for somthing good to happen.
Fortunatly it did. I got a free soundcard, and am now listening to a tonne of Mp3s.
In regards to upcoming articles, I am currently writting a report offline about that car of cars, The DeLorean.
I hope to have this online soon.

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