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Murder in tarsis-john maddox roberts

Murder in Halruaa-richard meyers

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oct 24 03

This morning first thing molly wakes me because we have maggots all over the floor in the kitchen and of course I am less than happy abut my sleep being disturbed and am grumpy as always when I am not allowed to get up at my own pace so after and hour plus of chasing these maggots with a vacuum and than being told to get kathryn and then do this and that I am in less of a mood to put up with nick who is rninng thru the graass out front in socks so I raise my voice and give him a hatd time over dirty socks and wet socks than molly tells me to chill and take a pill or somethning follow by another instruction to take a vitamin and I am upset cause she seems to be poking fun at me and berating me at the same time so i simple which is ussually the best answer with molly say okay but i say it 3 times and she snaps and leaves in a huff and calls to ask what is wrong with me and tell me that she will go by herself to lolomai if i am going to be like this all day so i TRY to explain that I am tired and grumpy which she does not care about and then I shut down because she will not listen to me or take into account what i say she simply says that i cannot do that and i need to change never is it she that needs to learn my ways and make ajustment it is me that must learn her way and make adjust ment however when you say this or attempt to yu get nowhere and then when you want to have a civil conversation she does nt and she alway expects me t want to talk when she does so I am almost ready to give up

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