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Hiya, was smiley - lurking around and saw your posts about SETI and problems.
I run SETI on my machine at home via the BOINC thingy and pretty much have no problems. Ask away if you have any queries - can't say I'll deffo have the answer but if I can help I'll try!


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Yvonne aka india

Hi Icotan. Lurking, my favourite pass-time. smiley - lurk

I almost resorted to asking my other half for help in the installation bit. The boinc software downloads, and says it's installed itself, but all that I have is a shortcut which has no destination. Hmmm. I'm looking forward to getting it up and running. First heard about grid computing from the User Friendly site, thought "that sounds interesting and worthwhile." Now I know that HooToo is involved, that's made me even more determined to get it working.


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woo! Another UFie smiley - smiley

Hmmm, does sound like something didn't install right. Must admit I had no probs, but there ya go.
First things first:
What OS you on? Is it fully patched up?
Have you got a SETI account?
Did you download the BOINC software from

If windows did you install it under an admin user?

Let me know that and then hopefully we can make some progress.


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Yvonne aka india

Yup, a UFie. All hail Dust Puppy!

The answer to most of those questions:- you need to talk to my other half.

This afternoon we sat down and uninstalled and re-installed it, and got it working fine. It did involve lots of switching between user and administrator accounts, but it seemed to have done the trick. Aren't other halfs useful?

The needle on my processing widget it going crazy for a change, rather than sitting idle except when I'm playing games or surfing.

Thanks for the help. smiley - smiley


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"All hail Dust Puppy!"
Indeed, I'm of the opinion that Dust Puppy is a Great Old One (and I distinctly disagree that Kali could 'have' aGreat Old One!)

"This afternoon we sat down and uninstalled and re-installed it, and got it working fine."
smiley - cool glad it is working for you!

"Aren't other halfs useful?"
Wouldn't know!

"The needle on my processing widget it going crazy for a change,"
What widget you use?

Oh, and did you join the Hootoo group? I haven't yet as it seemed rather deserted last time I looked. Plus my credit is only 88000.

"Thanks for the help."
Well if I had been of any I'd say no probs - but sounds like you got it sorted so good stuff!


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Yvonne aka india

I've got Windows Vista on my machine, which comes with a selection of gadgets for the sidebar. Sorry if gadgets and widgets have different meanings, but I do HTML and PHP coding, so widget seemed like a valid term for "things on the page". There is one which allows you to visualise the CPU usage, looks similar to the display used for racing cars showing the gear changes and revs.

I decided not to join the Hootoo team, SETI isn't really my thing, so I've allocated my CPU time to some health projects via the User Friendly team at World Community Grid.

*Only* 88,000? Sounds like a lot. How long has it taken you to reach that many credits? When I've been running for a bit, it will be interesting to view the credit rating (is that a good word for it?) and see what happens. smiley - cheers

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