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hey, how are you?

nice to meet you, im Hannah smiley - smiley

so, i read you liked music... medieval music is great! i dont get to listen to much of it (there seems to be a lack of it here in Australia.... wonder why?) anyway, what type of bands etc. do you like? and do you play an instrument?

hope you are going well smiley - smiley


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Yvonne aka india

Afternoon smiley - smiley Hope you're well.

Yes, love music, brought up with it from a very young age - while others my age were going to Sunday School, I was testing out for the church choir.

If you want medieval, I can recommend a group called The Dufay Collective, who as well as performing European and sacred music, have also researched and recorded alot of instrumental and vocal English music. Perhaps that's why you can't find much of it over there. I started with classical music when I did my Music CSE at secondary school, we had set pieces to study: Autumn from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, the Overture to The Bartered Bride by Smetena, and were we really lucky that year - Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. smiley - ok It has kind of ruined my view on music though, when I listen to it I don't just enjoy it, part of me disects and examines it too. My music teacher taught us that music wasn't just to be heard, but listened to.

I grew up around an older brother, so my musical tastes are a bit weird.smiley - weird My other half calls me a "closet Radio 2 listener", but I don't care. Some of my favourites are The Hollies, The Kinks, Queen, Soft Cell, Alison Moyet, Tom Lehrer and, like you, Simon & Garfunkel.

I don't play anything even though I always wanted to; in order to join the primary school recorder group you had to be able to read music, and I couldn't so that messed everything up from there onward - no music reading skills, therefore no instrument, therefore no Grade 5 in order to do O Level Music. That's turned out OK though, no instrument therefore nothing to carry around, damage, lose or practice, just me and my voice.


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Yvonne aka india


I realised after writing that last entry that I'm behaving the same way that we've been discussing about our friends and colleagues. Conversation about me and mine, then not asking about you and your hobbies. smiley - sorry You sound like you have your own interests in music, what groups and bands do you listen to, do you have a favourite? Now that you've finished with the latest eisteddfodd (I hope that's the correct spelling) you can get on with other hobbies, or will there be more singing rehersals for another competition.

There's the Musicians Guild A438068, if you want to join in more conversations about music.smiley - musicalnote


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hey smiley - smiley nice to hear form you again. its completely fine.

how are you since last time? i like, i like lots of different stuff. i play cello so im exposed to lots of classical stuff. though i dont LOVE listening to it. i like older stuff like dire straights, cat stevens, al stewart, muse, beatles!!!, beegees and heaps of other bands i cant think of at the moment. because of my mum. and i also love more modern bands and alternative music. (play bass guitar too). small bands from america and australia are my favourite.

no more eisteddfods this year smiley - sadface and now im involved in a musical called thoroughly modern millie smiley - smiley should be fun! but difficult.

thanks for the guild link smiley - biggrin


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Yvonne aka india

Hi there

A cello piece was one of the first classical works I bought when starting Music CSE, Faure: Complete works for Cello, with Steven Isserlis. I prefer the sound of cello to violin. The bands you call older stuff is what I grew up around too, through having an older brother. Dire Straits - brilliant, it's a toss up between Communique or Brothers in Arms albums.

You play cello, you play bass guitar, you sing at a competative level, is there any limit to what you do? smiley - smiley One of my other half's workmates plays bass in a band, "aka ska" (pronounced Ay-Kay-Ay-Ska) doing Madness, Bad Manners, The Specials, and others for which I can't name the bands, just know the songs.

Never actually seen Thoroughly Modern Millie, but heard that it's good, so have fun smiley - biggrin


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steven isserlis is a great cellist. my teacher lent me one of his cds. i also enjoy yo-yo ma. its great stuff to study too :D

haha that is all the instruments i learn-it is basically my limit. i want to play double bass and can play slight piano. (saxaphone would be my ideal instrument though. what about u?)

id love to be in a band! that would be fun... smiley - smiley

and thanks, ill try and have fun smiley - smiley (15 days to go till it opens!)

hope your weekend is going well and lifes good.



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Yvonne aka india

I'd forgotten about Yo-Yo Ma, yes, he's good. Though, I've never actually heard any of his recording.

When I was a kid, I had an ocarina, a small round clay wind instrument, about three inches in diameter, same theory as a recorder. It was just for fun though, nothing ever came of it. Most people had never heard of it, let alone played it. smiley - sadface Whenever we could get chance, the choir played about on the Church piano until the choirmistress caught us. Therefore, many of us were adept at all the four-handed versions of Chopsticks.

This weekend is going to be about getting ready to go back to Uni, smiley - geek making sure that we're ready for a change in routine. If the timetable I've seen is correct, I'll be in actual taught labs and classes from about 9 until 2 every week-day, therefore with my out-of-hours study and my other half's work, timing housey stuff is going to become very important. smiley - zzz

May I add you to my Friends list, do you mind?


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he is a very impressive cellist smiley - winkeye

sorry, i have never heard of it... sounds good though. (i could NEVER get the hang of the recorder so im impressed by anyone who can or who can play something like it!) and good on you guys for being rebellious! smiley - winkeye

good luck and have fun back at uni! how many more years to you have to complete? and yes, sleep is important (i dont get enough smiley - sadface )

of course you may add me! i think ive added u to mine.. ill go check smiley - smiley its nice hearing from you,
Have a good weekend,


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Yvonne aka india

Most people haven't ever heard of them, no. Imagine a regular pop can, it's about that diameter though they also make them larger, roughly the diameter of 2L pop bottle. Now imagine the look of a just-deflated balloon, that puffy shape that it is, it looks roughly like that. There are four holes on top in a square formation and one hole underneath for one thumb. You hold it between both hands with index and second fingers of each hand over the holes on the top and the thumb of one hand on the hole underneath. Some of the larger ones also have a hole that can be covered by the third finger of the right hand - does that make sense, remember we were talking about pictionary the other time?

Told you it was unusual. smiley - biggrin

I start my third year a week Tuesday. This is the degree year, when I've done this I will have a graduate degree. There is one more year, the honours year, that involves a written dissertation project - that's going to be the toughie. smiley - headhurts When we've finished - let's be optomistic for a seceond here - I'll be able to put BSc(Hons) after my name.

The importance of sleep obviously isn't understood by lecturers or they wouldn't want us in at 9 o'clock in the morning, they'd insist that we slept until we were fully fit to face the world. smiley - coffeesmiley - coffeesmiley - coffee

What are you studying at school, have you picked a specific set of qualifications to take? And if so, what are you aims when you finished, straight into employment or further education?

Thanks, I'll here from you soon.


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ok, i think ive got a picture in my mind of one! how good is pictionary?! smiley - biggrin
the instrument sounds really cool.

wow, that sounds really good. uni will be interesting... should be a lot of fun though! hope youre enjoying it! smiley - smiley

haha, i agree with that completely! smiley - coffee

ive just had interviews for tring out for captain today, scary! find out the result tomorrow! smiley - erm

the subjects im doing for 11 and 12 are: art, music, ancient history, advanced engligh, extension english (so 3 units english), biology, advanced maths and modern history with open high school instead of one of those. then ill go to uni and do an arts degree where i major in history and hopefully go into archaeology or museum cutating. anyway, thats my plan (probably travel during a gap year too) smiley - biggrin

what did u do at school?

have a good week.


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Yvonne aka india

I hope I'm going to enjoy Uni too. If I can keep on top of the programming and coding it should be ok, work hard at that especially (which I failed to manaage last year, therefore ended up having to do resits in one of the modules.) Looking at the subjects for this semester, they're getting quite specialised, Database Systems has become Knowledge Management, Tools for 2D Graphics has evolved into Multi-media Component Design, Professional Development has become Project Management in a Computing Environment.. you get the idea?

Looking at my (provisional) timetable I've got 9 or 10 o'clock starts every day, but on the good side, most days are finished by about 1 o'clock. If the time allows, I want to carry on my role as Class Rep for my course, which involves putting forward our thoughts and opinions to the Student Association and the Staff/Student Liaison Committee. You get to attend all sorts of interesting meeting, most of which provide food and drink of some kind, meeting important people like the Principal of School, and build up volunteer hours which give me credit on my CV once I've finished.

I remember waiting for this year's results to be posted on the School notice board. Yes, tense. What Captaincy post are to trying for, I don't remember you mentioning any sports clubs..? Good luck, whatever it is. smiley - goodluck

That sounds like an interesting combination of subjects, with a definite goal in mind, hope you do well in those. If you get the opportunity DO do a gap year, it will be well worth it, either between secondary school and Uni, or between two of your Uni years. Most people take a year out between their degree and honours years.

When I started secondary school I wanted to become a physiotherapist so took all the appropriate O Level subjects: Maths, English, Physics, Biology, and Music. Did well in those so went on to do A levels in Physics and Biology at Sixth Form. Just before exams my tutor took me to one side and said, quite bluntly "you're not going to get these, so don't even bother sitting the exams." Cheers Mate. smiley - sadface

Having failed that route, went on to become a nurse, had to drop out of that so did Medical Secretarial studies (are you seeing a pattern here?) From there worked as Admin staff in hospitals, County Councils, and ended up with a full time job in Data Management. Hence the degree I'm doing now. smiley - ok Like my homepage says, science and nature geek with a love of logic problems.

Here from you soon.


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theyre good uni hours. lots of time in the arvos (...for studying of course smiley - winkeye) and that would be fun going to meetings and meeting the principal etc. smiley - smiley

im going for school captain not for a sports team smiley - smiley we had the interviews where they pick 5 people to go through to the next stage where they have to do 2 speeches (one for teachers and one for students in our year--i hate speeches though) anyway, i found out today that i got through to the next round. yay. but im up against some good competition! do/did you ever play a sport?

and its a good idea to take a gap year during uni years--thanks! im definitely taking that into consideration now!

haha thats a bit slack of your teacher! smiley - sadface but at least youve found something now that you like doing or that you are happy to do. glad youve found whats right for you! smiley - biggrin

got to go! talk to you soon,
smiley - smiley


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Yvonne aka india

When we got our information packs on Thursday, it contained an "update/confirm your personal details" form. As well as all the usual stuff there was a selection of boxes asking Did we want to be considered for Class Rep. Check that one. Did we want to be considered for School Rep. Noooo Way!! Speaking on behalf of one or two classmates is one thing, speaking on behalf of the School of Computing with hundreds of students, not a chance. smiley - blush

>they're good uni hours. lots of time in the arvos (...for studying of course smiley - winkeye)<

Stupid question: What are "arvos", is this a local term to Australia? We may have them, whatever they are, under a different name. I'm fascinated smiley - smiley

I didn't play any extra-curricular sports when I was at school or was part of any of the school teams, though at the local Adult Education Centre I did trampolining, great fun smiley - boing and badminton, getting some basic kiddie awards smiley - racket1

About placements. Some of my Uni mates went to France for a placement over summer, working in local businesses on course-related projects. They've all come back with stories of experiences, nights out, unreasonable deadlines, accommodation, perks.

We've just heard, RGU:Singers have been asked to perform at the International Students' Information Evening. We get to pick our own songs, and it looks like we're going to get some new members at the pre-event rehersals, maybe even some men at last. As one of the girls put in the bulletin article,

Hello, We are a recently formed group who love to exercise our vocal chords for fun. We are a small group at the moment who would love to increase our numbers of warblers and we are also especially short of testosterone.


Hannah, I don't know if you've heard, but there is a BBC policy about to come into force on H2G2 about Under 16 year-old members.


Keep your head down if necessary, I can't remember when your birthday is. I don't know if this covers you since you're not a UK member. smiley - dontpanic

See you.
Yvonne smiley - winkeye


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hahaha, im pretty sure you have arvos! smiley - biggrin arvo = afternoon, arvos = afternoons
so... they're good uni hours. lots of time in the arvos (...for studying of course smiley - winkeye)

being class rep sounds good and yeah, it would be a lot more work to be a school rep.

i want to go to france! smiley - smiley and i love listening to stories of peoples travels. i hope they had a good time

and its great the RGU:Singers have been picked to do that! and thats a great article smiley - winkeye im sure youll get some guys! smiley - biggrin

weve suddenly got some guys in our school junior choir (wait,... 'vocal ensamble'). about 5 new guys. and weve got a sort of 'baraber shop' choir of just senior guys with about 18 of them - they are fantastic! (they do lots of the "do, bop bop, do, do, da" things all together--great harmonies)

and thanks for pointing that out. fortunately! i turned 16 on the 17th of August. so, phew, thats lucky smiley - smiley (it doesnt include people who are 16 too does it??) but i think its wrong to do that.... smiley - sadface

and id write more about it but have to dash smiley - winkeye talk to you later,


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Yvonne aka india

You can never be too sure with terms from another country. When I left secondary school to go to Sixth Form, we were told that we would do our unsupervised private study in the carrells (I never saw the word written down, so don't ask me how you actually spell it) which were individual study areas, like cubicles in office spaces.

In theory you'd be working, however, the amount of reading of non-acadmic related material, chatting and general sitting around that went on was significant. So the idea of "going to the carrells (to work of course)" did not ensure that any work would be done at all smiley - winkeye

Age related issues can be difficult to manage, especially with sites that use single sign-on. It's then difficult to separate out access to child oriented sites from those with more mature content, mostly adult users and greater supervision. SSO gives convenience, but issues such as this arise from it and as we see, can cause some discomfort.

We've had some feedback from the article in the Bulletin - about nine new people interested in the RGU:Singers, at least a couple or three guys. Here's to a successful 2008/09.

Have you ever heard of a groups called the Whiffenpoofs, the male voice choir from Yale University? They perform loads of the "do, bop bop, do, do, da" material. If you get chance, check them out on YouTube, they sound great. smiley - biggrin They even made an appearance in "The West Wing" a while back, providing on-going entertainment during a period of folks being snowed in to the White House.

Getting ready for tomorrow, I'm trying to sort out my working areas so it at least *starts* tidy. Plenty of time during the year for it to get messy and out of control, no need to give it a head-start.

Have fun, hear from you soon.


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that is true smiley - winkeye

id love to work in carrells! sounds like an awesome time smiley - biggrin in our school library we have a row of 2 desks facing each other with a board between them (hard to explain) but its not as easy to do non-work related stuff because u can be seen easily as they dont have sides.

its great that some guys joined! so yes, heres to a sucessful 2008/09 smiley - smiley

the whiffenpoofs are pretty good! funny name though smiley - winkeye (west wing is such a good show, i never got to watch all the episodes/series when they were on though.. shame smiley - sadface) and could u give me a specific song they sing which is "do, do, bop" etc.? because i can only find that one about the nightingale..

haha good luck cleaning! my room gets messy after about a week so all efford put into making it clean is just so not worth it. and because ive had exams and speeches all week i have just been putting stuff anywhere and am worse than i would be on a normal week because i just dont care... smiley - smiley

nice hearing form you smiley - biggrin
talk to you later


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what have you been up to? smiley - smiley

hope youre well!


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Yvonne aka india

Hi Hannah, sorry I missed your post. I was just thinking the other day that you'd been quiet, and was everything ok?

Thngs are going well with me. Ive got my results for this academic year and have just a resit and resubmission to do. Good news - I've got a supervisor for my Honours project so am set for next year when I get there.

My other half graduated last week with an MSc, a Masters degree. So we had a day out at the university with photos and a meal out that evening. His parents had such a great day out, were so proud of him.

I hope things are going well with you. How have your studies gone this year, and have you achieved everything you wanted?

And the music, choir numbers tend to drop at the end of the year, especially when folks start heading home. That's happened to the RGU:Singers now that the academic year is over. We've still got gigs to do this summer, proper ones that will bring in money to the society.

Get back to me when you can, I look forward to hearing from you.
Take care. smiley - smiley


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hi there smiley - smiley this is the first time ive been on for ages! its nice to be back smiley - winkeye everything is dandy and im brimming with ideas for life and the future etc. how are you?

thats great news smiley - smiley hope it all works out. :D and glad to hear about your other half :P i would be proud too.

studies are good.. lots of tests coming up in the next few weeks so will be a lot of study for a while. but so far im doing really well and am really happy with all my marks smiley - smiley

what songs are you guys singing at the moment? smiley - smiley

and i always love hearing from you. take care also smiley - smiley


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Yvonne aka india

Hi there babe, you got any ideas to spare? I could do with some at the moment; At uni we've reached honours year and have to put together a project of special interest, separate to our taught modules. I had this great idea based on one of the learning outcomes from a module we were supposed to be doing. The department have changed my data analysis module to one on audio-video production, so my honours project base has been removed.... hmmm. smiley - erm So now I'm looking for inspiration smiley - shrug

But this is a minor setback. Now I've passed my re-sit and re-submission of exams and courswork I officially have a BSc degree smiley - somersault Next stop graduation and (hopefully) an interesting career.

Lots of news about the RGU:Singers. We've advertised and got ourselves a new choirmaster. He's a student from the other university in the city, and has joined us as a sort of hobby for him. He's great, he's interested in what we do and has ideas for our future, he'll provide his own accompanist, can give pieces to his mates to arrange for us if we want, and - get this - will bring along other conductors who will "practice" on us, and he'll train them up to replace him when he leaves in a couple of years' time.

We're just getting back together after summer, so not got any new pieces, just the old stuff from last year. A lovely piece called Shenandoah - I'd send you a link if I could find decent recording.

Our diary is looking crowded up until Christmas, International Students' Evenings, International Evenings for the Business School, concerts around the city, the University carol concert, plus a few others. This might bring in some well needed revenue.

Study well, but not too much - take a break and go do something you enjoy once in a while.smiley - smiley

I'll speak to you again soon smiley - hug

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