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Hi Warren (Ooops I'm not supposed to tell anyone am I?)

Where have you been? Where are you now? Whats been happening in your life?

I'm good - hope to speak to you soon



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Cannon Fodder


How the devil are you?

I started a new job last month. Things have been so hectic. I hope to be back here more often.

I have also found something called CHAT - ( ). This is VERY time consuming and can get you in lots of trouble!!!



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Hi CF!!

I've just asked Vegiman if he had heard from you - I never noticed your reply!

What new job? Is it better than the last? Are they paying you enough? I'll try to pop in to the Chat site when I go back to work next week (I've got a week off) - it's cheaper than my phone bill!!

I'm doing great - despite having fallen a fourth time for my husband telling me he loved me and wanted to come home only to have him change his mind again (I'm resolved not to weaken again - he is tearing the kids apart).

Work is great, I became full time Secretary in February and since March I have been "acting up" as an Executive Officer (covering a lady on long-term sick leave). I do the administration for the Chinese Financial Sector Training Scheme (a DFID project in conjunction with the British Council) - groups of financial high-flyers from China come to us for an initial Induction Course prior to working on attachment to British financial institutions. It's interesting and fulfilling work but it keeps me very busy as I have to do her job together with my own (which included secretarial support for the scheme).

I get a responsibility allowance whilst I am doing her job but I am hoping to get promotion out of this.

The big bonus from my husband's departure is that I am still shrinking! I'm down to a size 12 and I'm working out - never felt better physically. Mentally it's a different story, but none of that now.

How are you and your family? Did Christmas go well? The kids really make us keep things together don't they - I hope yours are happy and well.

Better go now, I'm supposed to be working out my finances and asserting my independance!

Pip :->

PS I'm also learning to drive at long last! My husband gave me the car and it has been sitting on the drive since last September - saved up some cash to learn and now I'm saving for the insurance (it's a Peugot 405 SRI - 1.9 !!)

Pip :->

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