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New Years Day

Nursing a hangover and spending the day eating bits n pieces and drinking lakes of tea.

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Latest reply: Jan 1, 2000

That crap inbetween stage

that crap inbetween stage between Xmas and New Year now.
Hope all all visit here had a nice xmas. I did. Even went to the Panto the day after Boxing Day. Much "Oh No He Isn't"ing.
brrrrpph. Well. Millenium in a few days eh? The Ecitment and Anticipation is (as you may well have guessed by now) ab - sol - u-t-e-ley killing me.

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Latest reply: Dec 28, 1999

Yuletide Greetings

Well. It's what.. the 18th today so erm.. 7 days exactly till xmas day. Hopefully in one weeks time I shall be stuffed on Turkey and Xmas Pud, sherry and wine and be settling down to watch ah.. perhaps I'll be doing the washing up then, but I'll be watching Bjorn Againlater on in the day.
I have sent out all my xmas cards, bought one gift.. so.. fun week for me eh.. last minite shopping oh Joy.
What else. Blur were fab and the H2G2 Xmas Get together was a good time.
If we don't get (a) invaded by aliens (b) prophets (c) computer viruses I wish all who visit here a happy and life affirming new year. Here's looking towards 2000.

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Latest reply: Dec 18, 1999

the days go by so slowly in a blur

Well - speaking of Blur - gonna see them soon.
I have a cold.. and a Nick Cave fetish ( it's an an on off thing)
And that's it really - ooh And I thought Blair Witch Project was quite good.

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Latest reply: Nov 21, 1999

Knew I'd get bored eventually

 I've been on holiday to see the eclipse, given up smoking and there was a dull Bank Holiday. Dull for me because I didn't go to Reading Festival ( Boo hiss) . Lots of things to witter on aimlessly about and yet I just couldn't be bothered could I?
See? I can't be bothered to write anything else now!

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Latest reply: Aug 31, 1999

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