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let me see now... there was derrick from meriden and anthony with the sideburns from ct...matt from michigan and matt from iowa...mark in delts and the cutie in the vest...nathan and doug from lca and todd from chicago...and the dude wearing the jacket over the albert einstein shirt at lca who would not take it all josh from delts and maybe nathan at lca...and that cute indian guy with his couple other friends...

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new years eve eve eve -- deeeeeeam it is going to be a f**king new millennium soon!!!! thats wild...i dont believe i have wild plans but there is jens party and sanjs party and most likely a slumber party a la first grade...smiley - winkeye ...and then first night perhaps and maybe a little bottle of bubbly and some lovin -- or not no matter we are hitting the TOWN come friday night...and life is so sweet thank you god because i am into college !!!!!!!smiley - smiley yes my future is slowly beginning almost to take on a little shape...and i am sooo psyched for parties this vacation has been so much fun anyone else in the world would dread sitting around watching tv and curling up with a book and signing on for ridiculous amounts of time...but me geez what a break and my parents completely and fully understand and finally in these friggin twelve years i have rested-- truly rested...gotten some peace and quiet and sleeeeeeep - AND gone out every day!!! what a life...come monday it will change back to the normal lets do a lot of work get crackin on those books daily routine...but thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday i will enjoy these many moments like nothing else...what a beautiful time its beensmiley - smiley

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its done its done its done its done its done its done !!!!!! thank goddness praise the lord halleluiah all these applications are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its only midnight on saturday--- well actually sunday---- wow ive got all of tomorrow to do anything in the world....sweet sweet sweet lovin ... maybe tomorrow ill see a movie or go watch a soccer game or chill with my girls...or my boys...i am so excited i am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesmiley - bigeyessmiley - bigeyessmiley - bigeyes
and now all there is to do is wait...wait and cross my fingers...pray and wait

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I saw entertainment tonight today while I was waiting with mom in the family room waiting for dad to come home so we could eat that spaghetti in the this image comes up on the screen...Richard Pryor ... face in such pain... he has multiple sclerosis...its so sad...because he used to be such a funny man I never really saw him but he was a funny man all smiles and jokes and laughs I bet and now he's on the screen again but he's listening to a letter this little ten year old girls writes to et about how she feels so sorry for him and he tries to say thank you Katie but he can hardly breath for gods sake and he's stuck in this wheelchair...and the little sheaths of myelin are deteriorating and going away and not insulating like they damn well should be and so because of this tiny problem his nervous system is shot and he cant even hardly talk anymore...and it makes you wonder... and it makes you wish you could do something... and it makes you hope to god that Dr. Bansal and Dr. Pfeiffer and all their colleagues are this much closer to finding a cure for this disease because of a little research you did this summer...and its almost a joke to wish it- who the hell are you you're just a high school student you don't know what on earth you're even dreaming about-----but there's a chance there is that what I did this summer will help maybe somehow someday............and this CHANCE this possibility is inspiring

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11--i get home and hello here are my parents waiting for me in the family room and i know i know ive just spent frieking a hundred hours working on highlights stuff this past week and i know ive spent all f*****g day in the office doing highlights stuff and i know ive got f*****g college applications to write and i know that im not a hall employee and i know yes theres something beyond f*****g high school that the paper is not my life that there something called a future called college that i have to think about - i know damn well that i cant just obsess over something and do other peoples work and help out so much that im just someone to step all over - but for the love of god i just cant get it straight- i cant get life straight i try so hard to understand whats going on and i try so hard not to have this college essay i wrote about how important highlights is to me NOT be a paragraph of b******t and i try so hard to have that goddam character i keep writing about in my essays and i try so damn hard to be the best person i want to be but sometimes it just doesnt work and i dont understand why i dont understand why everyones gotta be so uptight and stressed out and -- dry your eyes let the love in there bad times well thats ok well just look for love in here -- listening to pig by dave matthews....itll pass...the stress will pass...the hell will pass...the confusion will pass...and i am so grateful for the people who care about me and the friends who calm my soul and keep me sane...god please give me strength

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