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Morris Miner

Does anyone remember 'FEINIGHTS'? I've had the most awful week and I just want to cross my fingers and say 'FEINIGHTS'. I don't want to play anymore!!!!!!! When I was a kid (yes I know I've got a good memory) if the game was getting too much you just called 'FEINIGHTS'. Why doesn't it work now? My boss (she who must be obeyed) just looked and told me to get on with it. I think it's an ageist thing myself people under the age of 35 just don't know that it's allowed. There's no sense of fair play these days that's the trouble.

For those of you too young to remember 'FEINIGHTS' it's a sort of 'time out' thing, but difficult to explain unless you played by those rules. It gives you a break from the game a time to catch your breath and was usually used when you were about to be caught out.

Is there anybody out there who knows what I mean????? Or cares for that matter????


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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

I just like to say that I have absolutly no idear what you are talking about??
Is it said as it is spelt... Maybe it's only used in your part of the world, wherever that may be.

Sid smiley - smiley


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Drool Frood the Second

Its a kid way of saying 'time out'
You know when you're playing HAD and can't run anymore you cros your fingers and say FEINIGHTs.Then no-one can catch you as you are temnporarly not in the game.


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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

I think Ive been "temporary out of the game" for far to long....

Still, I can but try, and try, and try again untill I give up *shouts "Feinight"* smiley - smiley


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In Birmingham we used to call "Barley" for the same reason.

The "zero tolerance - maximum penalty" thinking has caused a lot of this. It starts with words like "efficiency" and then ends up like something out of a horror movie - eating people and disregarding creativity.


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Sidney Kidney, AKA Gruby Ben, friend of Dirty Den

You what!!

Your all mad I say mad!!


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You could be right.


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I know this is a very old discussion, but I remember feinights very well ! smiley - smiley
The reason I came across this post is because one of today's topics (02-02-2010) is about Roman Gods, one of which is 'Pax' the god of peace. This explains why with fingers crossed 'pax' (peace) is called in a game. Likewise 'feinights'.
I can't seem to find any reference to the meaning of feinights though smiley - erm


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