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Open Golf 1999

 It's Saturday the 17th of July and I have just been woken by bus loads of Golf fans heading of to a small piece of Scottish coastline probably in search of the holy grail that is a good day out, standing in our not very calm North Sea wind tunnel we like to call home. I hope they find it, unlike most of the players who thought they were coming here fo a quick game of pitch and put and head home clutching large cheques and even larger 'Jugs'. It has been the most interesting part of the past few days listening to the 'pros' complain - like childern who have been given a salad instead of a 'Big Mac'- that it's too hard and I'm taking my ball home, we prefer California we don't have wind and rain there and you can land a space shuttle on the fairways and the your bunkers are full of some kind of - well sand - that's not fair.

It will all be over tomorrow and we will get our parking spaces back and that small bar stool that never seems to be the right height.

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Frozen Scrambled Eggs

 It's true you can actually buy scrambled eggs ready to blast in your microwave, they are available pre shelled, pre scrambled, pre frozen and come free from the hassle of having to actually catch and scramble your own egg. Being the consumate coward of a person I am I have yet to sample this delicacy. Perhaps I will one day when I don't have the minutes it takes to catch and scramble an egg.

I will have something to say soon about something else, probably the hordes of golf fanatics who have descended on our sleepy little hamlet of Carnoustie, with there Tam o Shanters and unnecessarily colourful and large umbrellas.

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