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Congratulations all round from Mrs Zen

I was delighted when we won the bid that h2g2 landed in the safe hands of Robbie and the Larholms; and now the vision is fully realised as the Community joins them as part of Not Panicking Ltd with a real say in the future direction of NPL as a business.

I don't think anyone thought it would take an entire year to set up Field Researchers Ltd, but it did, because the people setting it up were determined to make absolutely certain-sure they got the structure right. They were grappling with company law, corporate governance and all sorts of other unfamiliar and complicated stuff, and fitting it in amongst their other h2g2 volunteering, their day-jobs, their families, their real lives. So kudos to them for sticking it out over such a long journey. I am in awe of the resilience and commitment of those involved.

Being part of establishing h2g2 in its new form taught me a huge amount, it gave me the real privilege of working with and learning from Robbie for a start, and the delight of knowing the Larholms. The experience changed all sorts of things in my professional, social and personal life, and I've grown as a result.

The founding of FRL is the final piece in the jigsaw, and knowing its in place, and with the checks and balances needed to make sure it always represents the best interests of the community it springs from, makes it possible for me to let go and move on.

So, Happy Nerd, Pastey, Lanzababy, Milla, Sol, and all of the volunteers - well done. You have each in different ways done an astonishing job. And now that you are taking h2g2's Community forward into the future, let me wish all of you the best.

Let me also raise a glass in h2g2's traditional toast which includes our thousands of former researchers - members of the Community all - and remember "Absent Friends". And now I shall misquote W B Yeats: "we have spread our dreams under your feet, tread softly because you tread on our dreams".

That's it from me. There's an email address on my personal space, and I'm on Facebook.

Good luck, everyone. Exciting days ahead! Have fun! smiley - bubbly


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Not Quote of the Day

Occasionally I spot things I would love to be QoTD, but which I know won't be.... Here's today's:

Mr603 - F19585?thread=8290514#p110565794

Allowing gay marriage in churches would be tantamount to admitting that the CoE is basically just a 15th Century-themed wedding planning service

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Mrs Zen - I made the mistake...

I made the mistake... of listing the things I need to get done this weekend.

Bad bad move. smiley - sadface

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Mrs Zen - A Year Ago today....


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My local tea-shop has just closed

They sold 15 or 30 different kinds of tea: white, green and black. They would brew every cup to take away in a pot for three minutes. They introduced me to teas I had never heard of. They are non-corporate good guys in their 40s who were fighting back the starbuckification of the planet. I'll miss their tea-shop; I'll miss them.

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