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Here lies some words written on a few gravestones:

smiley - skull
"Sacred to the memory of


who was killed by
an accidential discharge
of a pistol by his orderly
14th of April 1831

Well done good and faithfull servant"

Woolwich, London, UK

smiley - skull

This stone was bought
with the money found on him"

Sheldon, Vermont, USA - an unknown burglar who was shot while robbing a store in 1905

smiley - skull


A learned divine
He died in a Fit
Through drinking Port Wine

April 3rd 1828 Aged 59 years"


smiley - skull

"Here Lyeth ye body of


He fell down a Midden
and greviously D'yd


his Brother
fell down another

They now lie interr'd
side by side"

Unfortunatly not verifiedsmiley - winkeye

smiley - skull

"Under this Stone lieth
the body of
who departed this life
2nd June 1777
in the 45th year of his age

He was many years a commander
in the Africa Trade
Which office he filled with the
Greatest industry & integrity
An affectionate Husband
And a tender Father
An Honest Man

His soul serene he meets an angry rod
And cheerfully obeyed the summons of
his God"

Liverpool, UK - 'The Africa Trade' is now known as 'The Slave Trade'

smiley - skull

Lester Moore
Four Slugs
From A 44
No Lies
No More"

Toombstone, Arizona, USA - Lester Moore was an accomplice of Wells Fargo, who was shot during an argument over a consignment.

smiley - skull
"Here Lies

Dr. James Metcalf

A dentist who,
Has now filled his last cavity"

Outhgill, Cumbria, UK

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Latest reply: Sep 17, 2006

'The Biggest Choice Of Your Life'

I hate having to make choices, but i sometimes have to make somesmiley - winkeye.

I keep getting told that choice X is the most important choice i will make in my life;

does this mean that with every choice we make, the next one will be a higher level of importance, so making the one you are deciding over pointless?smiley - huh

does it mean that the choice you make is the most important choice in your life - At that Moment? (that doesn't seem to make sense reallysmiley - biggrin!)

Maybe people say that to make you feel like that choice will make a difference - when it might only be a insignificant difference.smiley - erm

I can't help thinking that each single choice cannot affect your life so much, it's more a series of choices that lead up to the place you are in, what you do and the person you aresmiley - ok.

SPsmiley - winkeye

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Latest reply: Sep 16, 2006

Question No.1

This is a very serious subjectsmiley - doh, i didn't know whether to start a conversation about it in the 'Ask H2G2' bit, or write a journey entry about itsmiley - headhurts. so, as you might have guessed i'm doing the latter.smiley - biggrin

now, to the question:
If you have an entry smiley - biro in Peer Review, or the Alternative Writing Workshop or anything like that, and no-one has said anything about it for a few days, is it a really dirty trick to just type something like 'Any more comments' or just simply a smiley - smiley so that it will go to the top of the list and people will notice it?

i did it once and felt really guilty afterwardssmiley - erm

SPsmiley - winkeye

PS if no-one answers i'll put this in 'Ask H2G2'smiley - ok

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Latest reply: Sep 10, 2006

Journal No. 1

i've never kept a diary (or journal for that matter smiley - huh), actually no, i lie, i have kept a diary once, it lasted about, ooo, 3 days!
after being on H2G2 for about a month and a half i have finally managed to write a diary entry. but what is it about?
ummsmiley - erm...........I Know! - It's about me writing my first Journal entry.smiley - biggrin

well i can't think of any better sujet a le moment, but i hope i do....soon.smiley - smiley
SPsmiley - winkeye

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