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By Email as well.... Typical!

Why does this always happen to me?

Came to France, thought I'd make a nice little friendship group as I have done everywhere else I've been, but no.... that would be to simple wouldn't it.

Basically, nice guy, thought was good friend, has just finished his placement here and has decided to email me and tell me that he thinks that we would be good together (except for the fact that I have a bf)

Now when are men going to learn...

If a girl/lady/woman says she has a bf it's to inform you that any relationship you are about to enter into is going to be strictly platonic. She does *not* view you as a potential. For most the thought wouldn't even cross their mind.

The question "if you weren't with your bf do you think something would happen between us" is unanswerable, other than to say. I don't know because I can't imagine being without my bf I love him so much. So please I beg you never ask a girl that question it's not fair it puts them in a very akward position and if I'm anything to go by a bad mood for at least a day because now I have to deal with it and the fact that my bf was right as he usually is about the male friends I aquire! smiley - winkeye

Now to find some way of getting this across to him in french and via email.

Men... Typical!

Mel smiley - hsif

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In case anyone didn't already realise!

Oh how happy I am to see this!

Mel smiley - hsif

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Feeling a little fed up at the moment, cannot believe how the world is today.

I managed to leave the ring my mum gave me for my 21st on a train (the 17:10 from liverpool to london, one I use so often smiley - sadface )

How can I have been so stupid to take it off in the first place.

What I really hate is that it hasn't been handed in.

Someone has taken it.

A ring which has been in my family for several generations now sits on someone elses finger.

I hope they're enjoying it.

Mel smiley - hsif

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Have just got my 2nd year 1st semester results!
Telecomms---------------------------------- 93.9%
Enginnering Maths-------------------------- 88.8%
Labs A---------------------------------------- 82.6%
Data Structures & Comp Algorithms------ 80.5%
French---------------------------------------- 65.3%
Tecnology of Semiconductor Devices----- 60.0%

Nice to see I'm studying hard, Might explain why you don't see that much of me!

Though recently it's been more to do with me visiting my boyfriend! smiley - loveblush

Mel smiley - hsif

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Hello all

Just to let you all know I am here, if only about once a week or so.

I seem to manage to log on during our union duties as our punters are fairly well behaved and we don't have too many casualties. smiley - winkeye

Though tonight we were a little naughty and because two of our members were coming straight from setting up a gig elsewhere and hadn't had tea so we spent the first hour or so eating pizza and ice cream! yum!

Mel smiley - hsif

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