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England Football Badger

smiley - biggrin

Mel smiley - hsif

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Latest reply: Jun 8, 2004

I just wondered

I had to try it, just to see!


smiley - biggrin

Mel smiley - hsif

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There are other Browsers...

I just came across this article which echos my views completely on browsers smiley - smiley


You can even get an h2g2 plugin! :D smiley - ok

Mel smiley - hsif

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Latest reply: Apr 14, 2004

Yeay Holiday Starts...

Just to let you all know that I wont be around until the 5th of January after Xmas eve lunch time as I am on holiday and will be relaxing away from the computer.

Bonnes vacances a tous

Mel smiley - hsif

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Latest reply: Dec 23, 2003

It's going to be one of those weeks....

you know the ones, where you come home tired at the end of the day and you really don't know why because when you look back you really haven't achieved anything other than to upset people and spoil things.

I think it all started on sunday morning, after a lovely evening with a friend watching DVDs he tried it on. This would not be such a problem but for those of you who read my last entry you will know this is not the first. Needless to say I pushed him off and things between us though sorted have been a little quiet and awkward. That wouldn't be so bad if he didn't happen to be in the same office as me smiley - sadface

So I've had that playing on my mind for most of the week. People actually commented that he didn't come to lunch with us again today smiley - sadface

Then there is all this business with h2g2, to be honest I have just remembered today why after the intelligence and Lekz affair I said never again to online disputes. Though I have only caught the tail end of the latest hooha I am very glad that is all. Emotional fender is not a job I enjoy but for some reason I always seem to end up trying smiley - sadface

I have had no real work for a while now but that should be solved tomorrow when I have a meeting. Something to throw myself into anyway smiley - winkeye

On a brighter note I have had a chance to speak to my best friend in the UK which was absolutly lovely smiley - smiley and hopefully she will be around when I go back in a couple of weeks smiley - biggrin

If Andy ever gets round to coming online and reading this then I would just like to thank him for his continued support and love and for phoning each evening and putting up with the men who see fit to challenge what is rightfully his.

(All my love sweetheart smiley - loveblushsmiley - smooch forever yours.)

I feel a lot better for having got that all off my chest. Maybe I'll go home and write some letters, it's about time I did.

Mel smiley - hsif

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Latest reply: Sep 11, 2003

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