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Politics in volunteering Organisations

Why is it that any organisation that is based on volunteers ends up with the most horrendous politics.

For all 3 of my years as an undergrad I was involved in the LINKS unit (St. John Ambulance) and for the first 2 years that was great but when I came back after my placement it seemed that there was so much mud slinging going on about who was or wasn't pulling their weight and how things were being handled.

At another club I am a member of the chairman decided to quit because they felt decisions were being made behind their backs.

Today I stumbled across a friendly name who has decided to leave hootoo not because of the researchers but because of the 'system' and having read a couple of threads it turns out that they felt that where cooling water should have been used some picked up the petrol can instead. (NB this is just my impression from reading a few posts, but even if I'm wrong about this case I know many of us have seen similar incidences)

What I really don't understand is why people can't all just get along and say thanks guys, I appreciate what you're doing regardless of how much more or less you do than anyone else. Volunteering is all about giving what time you can, for some this may be 7 nights a week for others only an evening out of each month. Voluntary organisations work by everybody doing what they can, not by spending all their time complaining that so-and-so isn't pulling their weight.

So please remember, when someone does something as a volunteer, if they don't do it 'Your Way,' don't complain, don't knock them down, if there weren't other volunteers doing it you might have to run the thing all by yourself and where's the fun in that?

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A Most Bizarre Anomaly


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... I've finished My First Degree, 1:1 BEng Hons Electronic Engineering with French.

Thought I ought to let you all know as I was meant to be staying on another year to do the masters. Instead I've decided to skip it and go on to do a PhD in "Sign Language Interpretation" using computer image processing basically.

Other than that, looking to move in with b/f in september and am house sitting at the moment for my parents, it's only fair as I'm scrounging off them all summer in between courses! smiley - winkeye

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Tsk tsk

Was Bush packing Wi-Fi in TV debate?

Anyone heard anything else about this being true/untrue?

Mel smiley - hsif

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Catch and throw, it's as simple as that.

Though I think I've just proved that girls can't throw smiley - blush

My score was 550, go on beat it you know you can!

Mel smiley - hsif

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